3 healthy snacks in your daily diet / NUTRITION

3 healthy snacks in your daily diet

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3 healthy snacks in your daily diet

How many times does a moment of doubt and a real desire to reach for something sweet appear during the struggle for a slim body? Often, when we are out of the house, we choose some innocent deviations from the diet due to the lack of access to truly nutritious snacks. Here are three snacks from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - one of the leaders on the world market of dietary supplements and products for exercising people.

3 healthy snacks: protein bars

At work and during training sessions or university classes it is sometimes difficult to find the moment to have a nutritious meal or even to do some small shopping in the local shop. When the circumstances do not allow you to take your own food, it is worth having a few protein bars. Olimp Protein Bar will allow you to quickly and tastefully supplement your diet with a complex of high-quality proteins in the form of a crispy, extremely delicious bar covered in sweet topping and with crispy additions. It contains nearly 20 g of proteins, less than 2 g of sugars and over 5 g of dietary fibre! Protect yourself from hunger with a tasty high-protein and healthy snack, which will help you to maintain an optimal muscle mass level.


The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand does not forget about vegans and vegetarians. Veggie Protein Bar was created especially for them - a unique combination of pea and rice protein isolates, which are available as an exceptionally pleasant bar in 3 flavours. Free from lactose, gluten and polyols! A healthy snack completely free of animal-based ingredients

3 healthy snacks: high-protein cookies

Olimp Protein Snack is another form of supplementing the diet with an optimal portion of protein, which is a real reward after hard training and a real way to give up high-calorie sweets completely. As much as 19 g of high-quality protein in a portion, only 1 g of sugar and 2 amazing flavours that will surprise you with a crisp waffle and a chocolate topping. The small size allows you to take it with you everywhere. This healthy snack from Olimp Sport Nutrition allows you to use it as a form of addition to certain meals such as oatmeal, yoghurt with fruit or diet desserts.

3 healthy snacks: nut creams with additional ingredients

The ideal way to combat hunger is to combine protein and fat. Often proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids provide a greater sense of satiety than large portions of carbohydrates. Nuts are a great example because they contain a large amount of valuable protein and are a rich source of healthy fatty acids. That is why Almond, Cashew and Peanut Butter creams from Olimp Sport Nutrition should be in the kitchen of every enthusiast of a healthy and balanced diet. The incredible taste and creamy texture make the nut creams give certain meals a completely new expression and the existing snacks will be even more delicious!