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5 ways to boost your body before a workout

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5 ways to boost your body before a workout

Lacking energy and lacking motivation to exercise? Find out 5 ways to boost your body before a workout that will help you overcome feelings of discouragement and fatigue to work on your fitness.

Coffee and caffeine

Thousands of people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. For many years the caffeine it contains has been regarded as one of the best-performing substances with properties stimulating the nervous system and reducing psychophysical fatigue. That is why a portion of coffee before a workout can be an effective way to stimulate the body. However, the strong taste of coffee may not be to everyone's liking. A good choice for this purpose is the Caffeine Kick dietary supplement from Olimp Sport Nutrition. These are small capsules containing as much as 200 mg of pure caffeine in a single serving.

Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil

Speaking of coffee and sport, it is impossible to forget the so-called bulletproof coffee. This is a unique combination of coffee with medium-chain fatty acids, which are a great source of energy for physically active people. Olimp Sport Nutrition offers MCT Oil, which allows you to provide your diet with high quality vegetable oil. It is an ideal solution for people looking for an option for a balanced stimulation of the body before training. The slow release of accumulated energy will provide the exerciser with solid support against fatigue.

Green tea

Those who prefer not to drink coffee can opt for green tea. Although the theine contained in it will not provide such a strong stimulation before the workout, it will certainly prove valuable for training. Green tea contains many valuable polyphenols, which can support the process of weight loss and shaping a slim body. Hence, its extract is a frequent component of fat burners reducing fat tissue.

Pre-workout supplements

Caffeine is not only found in coffee. It is also a popular component of pre-workout supplements, which are often chosen by people who exercise. Their multi-ingredient composition helps amateurs and professionals work on their shape. Moreover, they help stimulate the body before training and are a good way to limit increasing levels of exhaustion during exercise. In the case of Olimp Sport Nutrition, it is worth paying attention to the R-Weiler supplement, which has been supporting professional athletes and enthusiasts of recreational physical activity for many years. Whereas R-Weiler Focus is a unique combination of a pre-workout supplement with nootropics and adaptogens, which guarantees additional benefits e.g. in terms of improving cognitive functions.

Cold shower

If you find it difficult to mobilise yourself to go out for a workout, take a quick and cold shower. The low temperature of the water will certainly stimulate your body and help to get rid of the feeling of sluggishness. Cold water will serve as a stimulus to get your metabolism working hard to regain balance and restore lost heat.