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Are you ready for the "Burn it Challenge"?!

Are you ready for the

Holidays ahead! Every moment is the right moment to get rid of excess weight. Are you put off by the vision of another failed attempt to lose weight? You want to avoid unnecessary disappointment? The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand challenges everyone who wants to get together and change their shape!

Do you have what it takes to test your own abilities?

The “Burn It Challenge” is a global project - anyone can join! For 30 days, together with the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, you can try to finally deal with your imperfections once and for all, and change the annoying numbers on the bathroom scale. You can be sure that you will receive comprehensive support!

Join the community and compete with others!

If you need motivation to work better on your shape, the “Burn It Challenge” is exactly for you! All project participants will be granted access to a special app which will allow them to formulate an individually prepared diet and training plan. All tasks ar e carried out under the watchful eye of specialists from OlimpTeams, who will provide valuable support materials on a regular basis. A large dose of substantive knowledge about losing weight will surely help in achieving the desired result.
When you publish your progress on social media, use the hashtag #BurnItChallenge.

Check out the discount on fat burners!

During the entire “Burn It Challenge” campaign, Olimp has prepared a big surprise. All fat burners involved in the current special offer are discounted by as much as 25%! The specially prepared code will allow you to get a discount, and to purchase the right ingredients, which will help you work on your optimal body weight and fight excess fat.

“Dare To Be Better” – join us!

The “Dare To Be Better” campaign is a global initiative of physically active women who are not afraid of challenges! Creating a global community of strong women prepared for everything will once and for all break the hurtful stereotype of “the “weaker sex”!