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Bicep training at home. Grow real muscles!

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Bicep training at home. Grow real muscles!

For centuries, powerful arms have been a symbol of strength and an athletic body. The biceps are involved in practically every exercise, so you should pay particular attention to them. Find out that the bicep training at home will allow you to build solid arms and emphasize the muscularity of your body.

Exercises for bicep training at home

Biceps are responsible for the bending movement of the forearm in the elbow joint. Bicep exercises are therefore not difficult and can also be performed by beginners. If you don't have your own dumbbells at your disposal, don't worry - bicep training at home can be carried out together with other equipment such as resistance bands or water bottles. You should adjust the weight to your own abilities in order to maintain the correct technique of the exercises.

  • Wide push ups while kneeling/being supported
  • Supinated push ups while kneeling/being supported
  • Chin up/ hammer grip pull up
  • Resistance band curls

Diet while bicep training at home

If you want to build solid and strong arm muscles, in addition to regular training, you need to ensure a proper and varied diet. The diet is a fundamental element, also for a good bicep training at home. Physically active people require an increased intake of complete protein, which is helpful while growing and maintaining muscle mass. In addition, creatine monohydrate will be a good addition, which facilitates an increase in physical performance in the case of short-term and intensive exercise.


These nutrients can be quickly replenished with the Olimp Sport Nutrition protein supplement called Whey Protein Complex 100%. It is a mixture of high-quality whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, allowing to provide a solid portion of protein with a rich amino acid profile. When supplementing your diet with creatine, it is worth to reach for Creatine Xplode or Creatine 1250 Mega Caps. Both supplements contain a high quality, appropriate portion of creatine, thanks to which it will be easier for you to increase your physical performance during short and intensive exercises.


The aforementioned products are appreciated by many professional athletes for their quality and safety. Each of the supplements has been prepared according to the pharmaceutical standards. High quality raw materials tested for purity have been used during production.