Olimp Sport Nutrition Water Bottle - 800 ml


Designer appearance, up to 800 ml of capacity!

It fits perfectly with typical bicycle bottle baskets

It is easy to squeeze, it feels good in your hand. It has a secure closure

Lowest price in 30 days before the discount: 3.00 €

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand presents a water bottle for athletes. Up to 800 ml of capacity, quick opening and closing, ease of use and original appearance are just some of the advantages of the Olimp product, thanks to which you will satisfy your thirst on any, even the most extreme route!

Proper hydration of the body, especially during exhausting training sessions or competitions, is essential. Every high-performance athlete knows it, who does not even start warming up without a professional water bottle and valuable electrolytes. Not to mention training.

So choose professionalism! Reach for the Olimp Sport Nutrition bottle with a capacity of up to 800 ml! Made of a safe material, it will easily fit in a typical bottle basket, mounted on the frame of your "mountaineer". Thanks to the safe, silicone-tight push / pull valve, you won't miss a drop while drinking your favorite electrolytes!

The Olimp Sport Nutrition bottle is light (approx. 90 g), fits perfectly in the hand and is easy to squeeze. The non-slip surface of the bottle with a diameter of approx. 74 mm allows for comfortable use. Another advantage is the large, practical opening, thanks to which you can not only quickly fill the bottle with your favorite drink, but also easily clean it.

The quality of workmanship goes hand in hand with a designer look, which will certainly attract the attention of many opponents on the route. Choose a color - black or blue. Fill your water bottle with valuable electrolytes and hit the road!


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