Bike training at home. Is it really worth trying? / TRANING

Bike training at home. Is it really worth trying?

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Bike training at home. Is it really worth trying?

Someone spiteful could say that the stationary training bikes have long since been past their prime. In reality they still prove to be very useful. Find out about the benefits of bike training at home, which will help you burn excess calories and improve your fitness!

Benefits of bike training at home

When training on a stationary bike, you don't have to worry about injuries. The stable construction of the machine is sufficiently durable even in the case of a high body weight of the trainee, and the comfortable and adjustable seat allows you to maintain a correct posture while training on a bike at home. Moreover, unlike other activities (e.g. running), the bike reduces the risk of injury by relieving the knee joints during exercise.


You'll save valuable time by doing your bike training at home. Experts confirm that it is enough to systematically devote between 40 and 60 minutes a day to notice the first effects of improved performance. What's more, cycling makes it easier to get rid of the accumulated subcutaneous water, helps eliminate cellulite and can have a beneficial effect on the condition of the respiratory and circulatory systems.

How to do the bike training at home?

Although cycling at home may seem boring, you can easily add variety to your bike training at home by employing different exercise programs. The latest models of stationary bikes allow you to adjust the intensity of your workouts, to ride on a flat terrain and uphill, and to determine your training goal, such as burning the right number of calories or covering a specific distance. The pace of the ride should be optimal for your fitness and abilities. For greater efficiency it is recommended to alternate slow and fast pedaling.