Cardio training and its importance. Is it worth to do cardio? / TRANING

Cardio training and its importance. Is it worth to do cardio?

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Cardio training and its importance. Is it worth to do cardio?

When you are at the gym, you can often see people who run many kilometers on a treadmill or climb high floors on devices that imitate climbing. It's no wonder! Find out that cardio training and its importance for your fitness is not just a marketing trick, but a real way to improve your performance!

Cardio training and its importance – basic information

Cardio is nothing but endurance training, leading to an increased heart rate. The task of a person exercising is to continuously perform aerobic activities (which increase the level of oxygenation of the muscle). Exercises can take on a variety of forms - stationary bicycle riding, rowing, swimming as well as more or less intense running. When it comes to cardio training, regularity plays an extremely important role. Personal trainers recommend performing three workouts per week, which will allow the muscles to regenerate properly.


It is worth knowing that cardio training and its significance for the effects of the trainee are dependent on the correct adjustment of the intensity of the performed exercises. To do this, you should determine the maximum heart rate (HRmax = 220 - age), and then determine its percentage during the workout. There are five levels of intensity in practice.

Cardio training and its importance for weight loss

People who are obese and have a visible build-up of body fat often wonder whether cardio training and its importance for weight loss is not an exaggeration? In practice, it turns out that endurance training is one of the best ways to achieve a slim and athletic body shape. How should they be performed?


First of all, experts recommend performing exercises with a moderate intensity, which corresponds to a heart rate range of 60 to 70%. Achieving HRmax in such a range allows you to effectively increase the rate of your metabolism, increase the energy gain from the aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, increase the rate of blood flow and improve the level of oxygenation of muscles and internal organs. The cascade of metabolism processes promotes the burning of empty calories and the reduction of accumulated fat tissue, which allows to reveal the previously hidden muscles. It can therefore be assumed that cardio training is an essential element of shaping the body.

What supplements will support the cardio training?

The use of dietary supplements can be a good way to help you get the results you want. Knowing that cardio training and its importance to the body is extremely significant, you can choose the right products. A good solution will turn out to be products of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - a long-standing manufacturer of dietary supplements for physically active people, both amateur and professional athletes. Products bearing the logo of this brand are characterized by the standard of a pharmaceutical company, the best evidence of which are high quality raw materials tested for purity and an innovative technology of supplement production, trusted by millions of people around the world.


Before or during your cardio workout you may choose the Fire Start Energy Gel + Caffeine - a fruity gel rich in carbohydrates, which has been enriched with the addition of a stimulating caffeine. The presence of carbohydrates provides an additional energy and may be helpful for the resynthesis of glycogen, which is depleted during intensive workouts. This type of energy gels are often recommended for runners, cyclists, football players and other endurance sports enthusiasts.


Iso Plus Powder will also prove itself useful during intensive training sessions. It is an isotonic drink popular among athletes in the form of powder, which should be mixed with water beforehand. Its refreshing, delicious taste will not only quench your thirst, but the ingredients contained in it will allow you to maintain your stamina during prolonged endurance training and increase the water absorption during exercise (carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions) and help reduce the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion (Vit. B6 and B12).