EAN: 5907677705335

OLIMP Meal Prep Bag

Thanks to its ergonomic and multi-segmental structure, you can put in it all your meals and supplementation which are necessary across the whole day.

4 containers made of PP fibres, of 160x118x50mm

3 gel packs for multiple freezing


currently unavailable



Compact and smaller MetalShake By Sweden Mini bag you get room for four meal prep containers in PP fiber and two spaces for water bottles or shakers. 

Multifunction mealprep bags are for every day use and suits great for an active healthy lifestyle or just a picnic bag to bring to work or travels. This is the new generation of Premium quality multifunction cooling bags. In every bag there is toxic free foodboxes in PP fiber to make sure you never get poisonos toxins in your body that regular plastic boxes releases, plus a non toxic freezing gel.

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