New Year’s Supplement Pack


New Year’s Supplement Pack from Olimp Sport Nutrition!

Looking for a special supplement pack to prepare amazing New Year’s gifts ? It’s hard to make a proper choice, isn’t it?
Special Christmas Supplement Pack from Olimp Sport Nutrition is a great choice for people who want to make a big shopping without spending much money!

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Almond Butter   + €0.00
HI PROTEIN OATMEAL - 900g - neutral   + €0.00
Whey Protein Complex 100% Double Chocolate 700g   + €0.00
CASHEW BUTTER - from cashew nuts   + €0.00

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    Why should you choose Christmas Supplement Pack from Olimp Sport Nutrition ?

      special pack that will help you to maximize your nutrients intake 

      easy way to follow rules of healthy eating

      maximize your efforts to achieve slim and muscular physique

      complex pack of supplements that can be useful for every passionate of sport activity

    Protein supplements are a ‘must have’ for everyone who wants to achieve muscular physique.
    Food supplement Whey Protein Complex Double Choco is a composition of two most popular protein fractions (isolate and concentrate) that due to different but complementary time of absorption can help you to easily deliver 26g of superb quality protein to your diet. 

    Double chocolate taste, minimized amount of fat and carbohydrates and also real cocoa aroma – that is the whey protein that can meet your expectations.

    Peanut Butter is a tasty and convenient source of healthy fatty acids for every athlete. Peanut Butter Crunchy was created  form 100% fresh roasted peanuts, and contains no artificial colors, enriched with extra peanut pieces. Smooth version will amaze you with  soft consistence that you can include into your other meals.
     Almond Butter is a high quality spread with 100% roasted almonds. For sure you will fall in love with our Cashew Butter with Carefully  selected cashews!
    All of our spreads has:
    amazing taste, creamy consistence, no unhealthy additives such as sugar, no trans fatty acids and also no palm oil inside.
    Include it to your daily routine to make your diet tastier!
    Living in a modern world force us to stop wasting time during day on some activities. Spending too much time in the kitchen is one of them. Thanks to This is it!  suplement line of Olimp Sport Nutrition you have possibility to save some time in the kitchen without breaking your diet! Hi Protein Oatmeal is easy to make, high protein, natural tasting oatmeal that will solve each morning breakfast dilemma.
    You can enhance it with anything you want to make it even tastier!
    Hi Protein Brownie is a composition of ingredients that can be used to prepare legal and delicious dessert! Great chocolate taste, high protein content, no added sugar – that’s how each dessert should be!

    Your effort should be rewarded. Great choice is Twister Bar, tasty and high protein bar that can help you not to break your diet! Impressive matrix of 3 sources of protein (whey protein concentrate , soy protein, micellar casein) complex of essential aminoacids and a huge dose of important to our health fatty acids (PUFA) and some CLA added.

    In each pack you can find original Olimp Sport Nutrition shaker that will help you to prepare outstanding shake!

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