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Doing push-ups correctly. Learn the proper technique!

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Doing push-ups correctly. Learn the proper technique!

Among the huge number of exercises that can be included in a training plan, there are exercises that are difficult to replace. One such example is the push-ups , which are widely known all over the world and can often be found in training schedules. Very often you can see that the technique of their correct execution leaves a lot to be desired. What does the correct execution of this movement look like? What should you pay attention to and what should you avoid?

Push-ups – what does their correct execution look like?

There are many errors associated with the correct execution of push-ups . The causes can be different. Starting from an incorrect posture in the initial position or caused by silhouette defects (e.g. structural or functional defects), through incorrect hand positioning and ending with the very aspect of the movement (e.g. working in a partial range of motion or an improper pace).


So how does doing a classic-style push-up look like? Here are some of the most important tips to get the most out of this great exercise:

  • the body should be kept in a straight line. In order to do this, a strong tension in the muscles of the abdomen, back, glutes and legs is necessary. A sagging abdomen or an exaggerated extension of the glutes upwards is not acceptable
  • the knee joints should be held straight
  • the feet must be joined
  • the work of the elbow joints takes place very close to the torso, they are held close to the body
  • the hands should be placed at the width of the shoulders, while their position is perpendicular to the chest creating a 90° angle with the ground
  • the movement of the bending in the elbow joint should continue until the sternum almost touches the ground
  • the push-up is done on open hands
  • the pace of the exercise is slow - a calm and gradual transition to the final position should be completed with a momentary pause in order to slowly return to the initial position

Properly doing push-ups in relation to the daily supplementation

Is it worthwhile to use dietary supplements while doing the push-ups correctly ? There are no contraindications for this! Thanks to appropriately chosen products you can increase the effectiveness of performed exercises and ensure even better results! What does a supplementation look like for training based primarily on push-ups ?

  • You can use the Pump Xplode pre-workout supplement, which formula is based on nitric oxide boosters (NO - l-arginine and l-citrulline), beta-alanine, vitamin B 6 and sodium citrate to achieve the so-called muscle pump effect (l-citrulline and l-arginine) and reduce the feeling of fatigue (Vit. B 6 ).
  • After completing the workout, it is worthwhile to supplement your diet with an optimal portion of complete protein, e.g. with a delicious Whey Protein Complex 100% supplement, which will provide high-quality whey concentrate and whey isolate in amazing flavours.

Olimp Sport Nutrition products are made from high-quality raw materials, which were subjected to microbiological purity analysis in modern laboratories of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company. Taking them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations ensures safety.