DOMS - how to get rid of them quickly?

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DOMS - how to get rid of them quickly?

Appearing sour muscles is a signal to take care of your muscles and body during exercise. What are sour muscles and how to get rid of them quickly? Here are some simple and effective ways!

What are sore muscles and how to get rid of them quickly?

Sore muscles are a state of pain experienced during exercise. During the activity hypoxia of muscle cells occurs, which contributes to an increase in the concentration of lactic acid. Its high level causes acidification of working muscles. Therefore, the correct acid-base balance is disturbed and the pH value decreases. Acidification is very often accompanied by an increase in muscle tension.


So the question remains: how can we quickly get rid of sore muscles? The key is to take appropriate action before and during training to prevent the excessive increase in lactic acid concentration. What does this involve?

  • Optimal hydration of the body before exercise and regular fluid intake during exercise
  • maintaining a diversified nutrition - especially with regard to electrolyte management and essential minerals due to their excessive loss with perspiration
  • restoring the optimal pH value of working muscles, e.g. by means of suitably selected supplements

DOMS - how to get rid of it quickly? Supplements as additional support

When looking for an answer to the question of how to get rid of soreness quickly, we often wonder whether supplementation is the right solution? As additional support it is certainly a good choice. So what should you choose?


In order to maintain proper hydration, it is worth trying isotonic drinks, which are a combination of carbohydrates with valuable electrolytes. A good option is Olimp Iso Plus, which allows you to quench your thirst and provide valuable active ingredients. Olimp Alkagen capsules containing, among others, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium may be an additional support. This combination is certain to support the correct functioning of muscles (magnesium, potassium, calcium) and the nervous system (magnesium, potassium), as well as maintaining the right acid-base balance (zinc).


The above mentioned dietary supplements, as well as each of the Olimp Sport Nutrition products, have been prepared from high quality, pharmaceutical grade, purity-tested raw materials. The supplements are safe to use and provide comprehensive support for active people training both as amateurs and athletes.