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    Tiredness, low energy and concentration level which are commonly affecting you during sports tryouts is the worst thing an athlete has to face. How to counteract? The solution was found by the specialists of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company, whose extensive knowledge and many years of experience in creating dietary supplements as well as the use of innovative technology allowed to create the Fire Start Energy Gel + Caffeine energy gel!

    The formula of the preparation contained in a small, easy-to-use sachet is based on high-quality carbohydrates (maltodextrins and fructose) and on stimulating caffeine derived from guarana seeds extract. The product was additionally supplemented with: magnesium, sodium and thiamine

    Is it a safe solution? - you will ask. Confirmation of the safety of using the Fire Start Energy Gel + Caffeine energy gel can be found not only in properly selected portions of individual components, but also in the fact that those individual components have been tested for the absence of heavy metals. During the dietary supplement production process only high-quality raw materials have been used. All the above is a proof of caring for the health of people choosing products with the logo of a global manufacturer of dietary supplements - Olimp Sport Nutrition!

    Choose Fire Start Energy Gel + Caffeine, and what you will get is:

    • Help in restoring muscle function (contraction) after very intense or prolonged exercise leading to muscle fatigue and noticeable decrees in skeletal muscles glycogen level (carbohydrates1)
    • Extra stimulation (caffeine)
    • Improved alertness and concentration (caffeine)
    • Support in the nervous system functioning (magnesium, thiamine)
    • Support in propermuscles functioning (magnesium)
    • Help in maintaining the electrolytes balance (magnesium)
    • Gel of a sensational flavor (black currant, tropical) and of a great consistency (no feeling of stickiness in the mouth)


    1The beneficial effect occurs with the daily intake of 4g of carbohydrates per kg body weight (taking into account all carbohydrates sources). The carbohydrates should be consumed within the first 4 hours after very intense or prolonged physical activity, leading to muscle fatigue and noticible decrese in skeletal muscles glycogen level, and no later than 6 hours after such activity.

    Ingredients: 43% maltodextrins, water, 21% fructose, magnesium salts of citric acid, 1,4% taurine, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, 0,28% guarana seed extract (Paullinia cupana Kunth.), acidity regulator – citric acid; flavourings, preservative – sorbic acid; thiamin hydrochloride – vit. B1.

    Nutrition declaration 1 sachet ( 36 g) 4 sachets (144 g) per 100 g
    Energy 385 kJ
    92 kcal
    368 kcal
    256 kcal
    of which saturates
    <0,5 g
    <0,1 g
    <0,5 g
    <0,1 g
    <0,5 g
    of which sugars
    23 g
    10 g
    92 g
    40 g
    64 g
    Protein <0,5 g <0,5 g <0,5 g
    Salt 0,25 g 1,0 g 0,69 g
    Thiamin (vit. B1) 0,17 mg (15%*) 0,66 mg (60%*) 0,46 mg (42%*)
    Potassium 75 mg 300 mg (15%*) 208 mg
    Magnesium 75 mg (20%*) 300 mg (80%*) 208 mg (55%*)
    Sodium 100 mg 400 mg 278 mg
    Taurine 500 mg 2000 mg 1389 mg
    Guarana extract
    of which caffeine (50%)
    100 mg
    400 mg
    200 mg
    278 mg
    139 mg

    *NRV - nutrient reference values.

    Recommended use: maximum 4 sachets daily – use during physical activity in equal time intervals. Consume immediately after opening.

    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Keep out of reach of children.

    Warnings: FIRE START™ ENERGY GEL + CAFFEINE contains caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant women (caffeine content: 50 mg/ 1 sachet; 200 mg/ 4 sachets). In addition, the product is not to be used during nursing, in case of circulatory system diseases, hypertension or in case of hypersensitivity to any formula ingredient. Do not exceed a daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine from all sources or a single dose of 200 mg of caffeine. Do not use before bedtime or during the immediately preceding hours before sleep.

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