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How to build muscle? Try out the mass gainer!

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How to build muscle? Try out the mass gainer!

According to most people, gaining weight is not difficult. It is enough to eat large amounts of food and exercise intensively and the results will appear on their own. Perhaps, but the quality of the results and the time spent on achieving them is a separate issue. Are you still wondering how to grow your muscles to be able to display a muscular figure? Try out the mass gainers, which can help you achieve your goal.

How to build muscle? Which mass gainers are worth choosing?

A minimum of knowledge about healthy eating and a balanced diet is a real foundation that is needed before starting intense physical activity. The basics of dietetics allow you to understand how to build your muscles through an adequate intake of essential macronutrients and other substances found in a variety of foods. A good example is protein, which should be provided in a sufficient quantity for growth and muscle mass preservation.


Which protein-based mass gainers are worth recommending? One example is Pure Whey Isolate 95 from the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, which is a complete whey protein isolate. The supplement allows you to prepare a high-protein shake, and the whey contained in it was obtained from microbiologically tested materials. The delicate taste, favourable assimilability rate and no unnecessary addition of sugar will certainly facilitate building muscle mass.

How to build muscle? Mass gainers

Sometimes the increased intake of protein may not be sufficient to develop a muscular and athletic body. Many times dieticians and personal trainers recommend increasing the total number of calories consumed, which is associated with a higher quantity of food. Some of the athletes are very excited - who of us doesn't like to eat well? Others, in turn, may have a problem with it. A large volume of meals may turn out to be difficult to eat, especially in the case of a fast metabolism and a slow weight gain. How can you grow your muscles when a large number of calories proves to be a challenge?


Mass gainers are the answer to this question. They are composed of optimal proportions of proteins and carbohydrates. As for the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand, it is Gain Bolic 6000, which provides more than 375 calories in each serving and the necessary nutrients of a daily diet. A combination of complete proteins with different absorption times, two forms of carbohydrates, creatine, taurine and MCT oil will make building muscle mass much easier!

How to build muscle if you are a vegan or a vegetarian?

More and more people are deciding to reduce or completely give up the consumption of animal products. Vegetarianism and veganism have become a major part of today's world, which should by no means be a problem for muscle growth.


For the fans of plant-based diets, Olimp Sport Nutrition has prepared the Veggie Protein Complex protein supplement. It is a unique combination of three sources of complete vegetable protein (peas, pumpkin seeds and brown rice), which is characterised by an equally high amino acid content as in the popular whey. The product was prepared according to the pharmaceutical standard and in modern laboratory facilities, which ensures the absence of any animal additives. Moreover, the chocolate taste variant of this conditioner has the addition of a natural cocoa!