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How to prepare yourself for entering the sauna?

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How to prepare yourself for entering the sauna?

Sauna bathing is one of the most effective forms of relaxation and regeneration for the body and the spirit. However, before you go for an evening seance, it is worth remembering a few important rules. How to prepare for the entrance to the sauna? What should you pay attention to before such a visit?

What should you prepare when entering the sauna?

The first important thing is to take the right essential accessories with you. First of all, remember about the towels used both to wipe and cover your body after leaving the sauna and to use as a pad inside the cabin. You should opt for towels which are made of good quality material - then there is no risk of excessive skin irritation. In addition to these, flip-flops are one of the basic forms of maintaining an optimal level of hygiene. Moreover, thanks to the footwear, you can reduce the risk of unexpected slipping, which may end up with serious injury and damage to health.


A useful, but not necessarily required item in the sauna is essential oil. The aroma of menthol, eucalyptus, black pine and many other plants can be extremely valuable for the therapeutic effect of the sauna. Some oils will help to clear the airways, others will aid relaxation and tranquillity. The low cost and handy size of the bottle make it worth buying.


High temperatures are inextricably linked with increased sweating, which results in the loss of water and valuable electrolytes. Instead of mineral water, it is worth taking with you the Olimp Sport Nutrition Iso Plus isotonic drink, which will be excellent in the context of maintaining the optimum level of hydration and supplementing the diet with valuable minerals.

How should you prepare yourself for entering the sauna?

Eat a light meal before going to a sauna. Staying in the sauna with an empty stomach or after overeating is not advisable. The high temperature and pressure may then cause weakness, resulting in fainting. Remember also that you should wait at least one hour after eating a meal. Do not enter the sauna after drinking alcohol! There is a good chance of losing consciousness and excessive dehydration, which poses a serious health risk.


Before direct entry, get rid of all metal accessories which can cause burns when heated. Both men and women must remove all jewellery - from watches, chains and rings to small earrings. The body also needs to be properly prepared. A short shower with cold water is the ideal way to ensure that the body has the right temperature before a prolonged stay in an extremely hot room. Dry your body and then you can enter the sauna to take full advantage of its beneficial effects for an effective renewal of your psycho-physical condition.