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Lactose-free protein shakes. Who should try them?

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Lactose-free protein shakes. Who should try them?

Remember that no restrictions can stop you from achieving your goal! Even lactose intolerance! We would like to present a lactose-free protein shake, which from now on will be a tasty and extremely easy way to prepare a source of complete protein in your diet!

When to use the lactose-free protein shakes?

Problems with a proper lactose tolerance include an inborn or acquired inability of the body to break down the main sugar in milk. The consumption of even a small amount of products containing milk or lactose causes a number of uncomfortable symptoms, which are an expression of a disturbance in the digestive system. Limitations related to lactose breakdown may cause the occurrence of:

  • abdominal pain,
  • intense colic,
  • nausea,
  • excessive production and excretion of gas,
  • painful bloating and a sense of overfilling.

It is very easy to see if you have lactose intolerance related problems. If these ailments occur between 30 minutes and 2 hours after eating the product with added milk or lactose, you may suspect the presence of a food allergy. It is then worthwhile to confront your condition and symptoms with a clinical nutritionist or other specialist in the field of nutrition and treatment of the digestive system.


Physically active and regularly exercising people often use dairy products and milk in their daily diet, which are a good source of easily absorbed protein. In the case of lactose intolerance, a problem arises that prevents the use of whey-based protein supplements. Then it is worth considering a lactose-free protein shake, which will help to maintain and increase body weight and will not cause digestive tract problems.


Which protein supplement will be the right protein source for your shake?

Protein supplement as an ingredient in a lactose-free protein shake?

There is no doubt that the basis for the prepared drink will be protein. A good choice will turn out to be supplements that use other sources of protein than those containing lactose. Gold Beef Pro-Tein by Olimp Sport Nutrition delivers a high-quality beef protein hydrolysate for the daily diet, which has been additionally enriched with peptides from the beef blood plasma. The product is completely lactose-free, but rich in complete protein with a model amino acid profile (the presence of BCAA and EAA complexes). The supplement comes in three fantastic flavours, which will enrich the prepared shake.


Those who avoid animal protein and practice a vegan or a vegetarian diet can in turn try the Veggie Protein Complex. It is a carefully thought-out composition from Olimp Sport Nutrition, containing as many as three different sources of vegetable protein (peas, brown rice and pumpkin seeds), which is available as an easily soluble powder with a natural or chocolate taste (with the addition of low-fat cocoa!). The product can be used as an alternative to the popular soya protein, which is also worth recommending. An example of such a supplement is Sojavit 85, which enriches the diet with a complete soy protein isolate.


All Olimp Sport Nutrition products guarantee the standard of a pharmaceutical company, high quality and necessary safety. Innovative production technology along with raw materials tested for purity ensure that you have made the right choice for your goal.

How to prepare a lactose-free protein shake?

Preparing a lactose-free protein shake is incredibly easy. Combine a serving of a protein supplement with water or e.g. soy or rice milk and top it up with a serving of your favourite fruit (e.g. banana, blueberry, pear) and the addition of nuts or seeds (nut creams will also work well in this role). The entire thing should be blended, until the consistency is uniform - season it with cinnamon or ginger for the taste.