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Lose the fat, not the flavour!

Lose the fat, not the flavour!

Vegan, cherry-flavoured, sugar-free. Could it be even better? Sure!

It can not only taste good but also give you specific benefits.
Let's give a warm welcome to Carni Tea Xplode Zero®!


A delicious, carbonated beverage by Olimp Sport Nutrition with an optimal L-carnitine content (1000 mg) - a key ingredient when it comes to supporting the fat burning process.


The product formula has been also enriched with the ingredients that support:

  • muscle regeneration (taurine),
  • healthy metabolism (green tea extract - Matcha),
  • reduce the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue (vitamin B6, magnesium),
  • concentration and endurance (natural caffeine from green coffee beans),
  • maintenance of normal blood glucose and reduction of the feeling of hunger (chromium).

One can of the product (330 ml) is only 3 kcal. It does not contain sugar and artificial colours and can be used by vegetarians and vegans. Carni Tea Xplode Zero® tastes best when chilled.


Give it a try!