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Maintaining your diet on holiday - is it possible?

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Maintaining your diet on holiday - is it possible?

Holidays are unequivocally associated with rest. Free time from professional responsibilities often goes hand in hand with deviations from a healthy diet. Is it possible to keep a diet on holiday? What should you do not to gain weight during your holidays?

Maintaining your diet on holiday - eat rationally and in moderation

One of the main reasons for gaining weight on holiday is the lack of prudence in the amount of food consumed. Many people decide to go on all-inclusive trips, which creates the perfect conditions for giving in to their weaknesses and eating without restraint. However, each portion consumed represents the right amount of calories. Although during your holiday you should loosen your dietary regime a little, you should not go to extremes. Instead of weighing meals and calculating macros, just trust your intuition and be sensible.


Eating rationally also refers to the type of food you eat. Resorts and hotels on holiday trips are increasingly serving meals prepared from healthy products. If there is a buffet at your disposal, you can compose your own breakfast or dinner - according to your preferences and from ingredients that will provide the appropriate amount of essential nutrients.

Maintaining your diet on holiday - drink plenty of water

Water is a source of valuable electrolytes that contribute to an optimal acid-base balance, proper functioning of the nervous system and the muscular system. However, water has a number of other valuable benefits which can be helpful in maintaining your diet on holiday. Worth mentioning here are:

  • stimulation of the metabolic rate
  • eliminating the feeling of hunger and prolonging satiety
  • improving the transport of nutrients into the cells
  • removal of accumulated toxins and secondary metabolites
  • improvement of food transport through the digestive tract

Maintaining your diet on holiday - increase your vegetable intake

A very good way to maintain your diet during a holiday trip is to eat plenty of vegetables. They are low in calories and the fibre they contain is extremely beneficial to the digestive system - it helps suppress hunger, ensures optimum satiety, reduces uncontrolled sugar spikes and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal passage. Vegetables prevent snacking between meals, which helps to avoid overeating and exceeding the daily energy balance.

Maintaining your diet on holiday - reach for substitutes of sweets

During a holiday trip, it's hard to deny yourself reaching for desserts or sweets, which are a kind of reward for a whole year of maintaining your diet and working on your body shape. However, if there is a chance to choose a safe alternative, it is worth using it. A good choice for this purpose would be products of Olimp Sport Nutrition, which is a company that offers many high-protein and tasty snacks and bars, delicious zero-sugar sauces and ready-made meals such as brownie muffins. All products have been made according to a pharmaceutical standard, with attention to every detail and with a high level of safety.