She took the fourth place at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (2016), she is the Polish record holder and the greatest hope of Polish javelin throw. She is passionate about personal development and architecture, loves drawing, sketching, and listening to… symphonic metal. And fortunately, she has recovered from a long-term injuryand now is back in her fantasticshape. We are pleased to announce that Maria Andrejczyk has joined the Olimp Team!

At the Olympics in Rio, she was a sensation of the Polish athletics team. She sensationally won the javelin throw qualifications, and in the Olympic finals she lost the bronze medal by 3 centimeters to the two-time Olympic champion and the current world record holder, Barbara Spotakova from the Chech Republic. – The fact that I won the qualifications was a huge a shock for me. I managed to throw over 67 meters and it was simply a world-class result. Then I started to contact people in Poland too much and I did not focus enough on the competition itself. I should not have made this mistake, but I was only 20 at that time ... Anyway, I cannot say that I am disappointed with my performance in the finals. 4th place, right behind Spotakova - the legend of our discipline - was a great result and it is still the best achievement in my career - says Andrejczyk.


Maria's career looked brilliant. Rapid progress, great potential and a lot of youth charm, which sold well in the media. Unfortunately, all plans collapsed like a house of cards just after the Olympics. - After the success at the Olympics in Rio, the most horrible thing that could happen to a javelin thrower happened to me. I got a shoulder injury. With my throwing technique, where a strong arm is the key, I knew I was going to be in trouble, but I never thought it would last that long. The rehabilitation lasted for weeks, months, until it became years, but I didn't give up - she claims.


Full recovery and returning to the top shape took good three years. Manyathletes would have probably chosen "life after life" and given up professional sportin favor of a differentjob - Maria has a degree in English philology (with Russian language). But itwouldn'thave been me – I am a stubborn girl from Suwałki Region so giving up is not my style. - Of course, there were moments of doubt, but the thoughts I shared with my loved ones about quitting the javelinand doing something else were not really what I felt deep inside. At that very moment I needed support from my parents and my fiancé, because saying goodbye to professional sport was not my style. What is more, I think that all the difficulties that I went through made me stronger and I am coming back to the game even stronger than before. I believe that the best things in my career are still ahead of me, but I prefer not to talk about my sport dreams and goals–this is what recent years have taught me. I am convinced that the cooperation with Olimp brand in the GOForIt program will help me fulfill them - she sums up.


GoForIt / RazemnaSzczyt is a unique project that we have been carrying out since the middle of 2020. We have never worked with professional athletes on such a scale before. They always look for the best solutions - just like the Olimp brand. We appreciate their hard work and engagement in the process of getting in the best shape possible so they can reach the highest level of competitive potential.


Coming back to Maria, we agree that all the best things in her professional career are yet to come, and we are deeply convinced that what she did not manage to accomplish in Rio, she will accomplish in Tokyo next year and will stand on the Olympic podium.  We are honored to announce that Maria has joined our team - Olimp Team. We believe that Olimp Sport Nutrition products will help her to achieve her professional goals and be successful in her career. Follow us on social media to find out more and keep up to date with news about Maria.


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