Odpormax Immuno Xplode – a real boost to your immunity! / NEWS

Odpormax Immuno Xplode – a real boost to your immunity!

Odpormax Immuno Xplode –  a real boost to your immunity!

Exhaustive workout? The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand knows how to take care of intensively training athletes, especially when it comes to professionalism and the highest stakes! From now on you can be sure that your resilience will receive multidimensional support!

The highly qualified experts at Olimp Sport Nutrition are proud to present the multi-component formula Odpormax Immuno Xplode, which was developed primarily to provide comprehensive support for afficionados of uncompromising and tough training. Properly selected components, precisely defined proportions, and, above all, meticulous production in the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories - such a combination makes your work certain to succeed!


Odpormax Immuno Xplode is primarily a powerful dose of zinc, in two easily assimilated forms (diglycinate and amino acid chelate Albion®). This element strongly supports the functioning of the immune system, maintains the acid-base balance, facilitates the protection of cells against oxidative stress, and helps to maintain the proper blood-testosterone concentration and optimal cognitive functions.


This Olimp Sport Nutrition product also contains a large amount of extremely valuable vitamins, which also support the immune system. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, which aids the fight against free oxygen radicals, has a highly beneficial effect on the correct energy metabolism, facilitates the easing of the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, and contributes to the improvement of the regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E – another extremely effective antioxidant. In turn, the presence of vitamin D helps the muscles to function properly, contributes to the maintenance of the solid bone condition, and facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.


The composition of Odpormax Immuno Xplode is additionally enriched with a plant extract of elderberry, and a precisely defined portion of L-glutamine. The product is available in the form of an easily soluble powder, so you can mix an extremely refreshing drink with the taste of citrus lemonade to quench even the most thirsty!


Intensive workouts require maximum support! Regardless of the type of discipline or nature of the exercises, you can take care of yourself in a professional way with Olimp Sport Nutrition!


Odpormax Immuno Xplode – professional support for the resilience of every athlete!