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First product of its kind on the market!

19g protein per snack

Small amount of sugar – 1g per snack

Two sensational flavors

The dream Cheat Meal!


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ONE PORTION (1 snack)

Olimp Protein Snack – what is it?

No more eating unhealthy sweets! No more hunger that attacks you suddenly and just won’t let go! Olimp Protein Snack is a wholesome, healthy protein snack which will diversify your daily diet, providing valuable nutrients. Do you work out? Do you care about healthy eating? Olimp Protein Snack is just for you! The crunchy wafer is an excellent source of healthy calories, high quality protein, and fiber. It also contains a small amount of sugar and has a polyol content of 7.5g.

This product, which is unique on the market, will be perfect both before and after a workout. This is a dream cheat meal that will help you by providing your muscles with a generous portion of protein – their key building material!

But that’s not all! The flavor won’t let you ignore this protein snack from Olimp Sport Nutrition. With every bite of the crunchy, chocolate-covered wafer, you will taste the sensational flavor of hazelnut cream and delicious chocolate! Not convinced? Try the Olimp Protein Snack! This is a real treat for your palate and a reward after an exhausting workout!

Olimp Protein Snack – composition

Specialists from the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company, when creating the composition of the unique, wholesome Olimp Protein Snack, based its formula on a protein blend in the form of a mixture of high quality collagen hydrolysate and whey protein concentrate (WPC). Both sources are characterized by different kinetics of absorption and digestion, ensuring long blood saturation with amino acids.

Apart from the fundamental component of your daily diet, i.e. protein, the protein snack by Olimp Sport Nutrition quite naturally contains valuable fiber. In addition, the unique flavor of the crunchy wafer (60g) contains only 1g of sugar! It’s really not much, so those who are slimming or diabetic can safely include the protein snack by Olimp in their diet.

Olimp Protein Snack will let you forget about unhealthy sweets! It is a safe, wholesome, and delicious snack, which scientists from the Olimp Labs Research and Development Centre subjected to microbiological and physicochemical tests. If you choose this crispy chocolate-covered cookie, you can be sure that you will provide your body with a portion of healthy calories, while at the same time diversifying your daily, often monotonous, diet.

Olimp Protein Snack – effects and properties

The sensationally tasty Olimp Protein Snack (60g) contains 19g of protein, which contributes to the increase in muscle mass and helps to maintain it. Combining the aforementioned collagen hydrolysate with the whey protein concentrate, allows the delivery of a generous portion of high quality proteins with different absorption times, thus making it easier to supplement the diet with basic muscle building material. This protein snack is also a source of fiber.

Olimp Protein Snack will be the perfect dietary addition for those who want to develop muscle mass, as well as for those who are slimming through physical activity and want to get rid of excess weight. It is also a great addition to the menu and a delicious cheat meal for diabetics, as evidenced by the aforementioned low sugar content in Olimp's crispy snack.

By choosing the Olimp Protein Snack you can expect:

  • a generous portion of high quality protein and healthy calories
  • diet supplementation with proteins and fiber
  • support in building or maintaining muscle mass (thanks to the protein)
  • a convenient, small, healthy snack to add variety to your daily diet

Who is the Olimp Protein Snack for?

The Olimp Protein Snack is designed for physically active people who care about healthy eating. You can take this delicious protein cookie with you for a weekend hike, morning jogging or an evening bike ride. This protein wafer will also work well:

  • for those people practising strength and endurance disciplines (e.g. crossfit)
  • as a snack before or after a workout
  • as an alternative to sweets, especially for diabetics
  • as an ideal and sensationally tasty cheat meal

Olimp Protein Snack – dosage

If you decide to buy the Olimp Protein Snack, you should remember that this product by Olimp Sport Nutrition cannot be treated as a substitute for a balanced diet, but only as a supplement to it. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


double chocolate
double chocolate double chocolate
hazelnut cream
hazelnut cream hazelnut cream

Ingredients: protein blend (collagen hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate (from milk)), palm kernel fat, 10% chocolate flavoured coating [sweetener – maltitols; vegetable fats (palm, palm kernel, shea), 13% fat-reduced cocoa (cocoa butter 10-15%), emulsifier – lecithins (sunflower)], 10% cocoa, 9% wafer [wheat flour, wheat starch, sugar, stabiliser – maltitols; emulsifier – lecithins (soy); vegetable oils (coconut, soy), salt, colour – E 150d; sweetener – acesulfame K; flavouring, glucose syrup, acidity regulators – sodium carbonates, ammonium carbonates], stabiliser – maltitols; sweetener – sucralose.

Allergen information: the product may also contain eggs and nuts.

Warning: excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Best before: see next to the barcode. Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature not exceeding 25°C, away from direct sunlight.

*The image has the only purpose of representing the product flavour.

Nutrition declaration per 100g per portion (60 g)

2247 kJ/
541 kcal

1348 kJ/
325 kcal

of which saturates
38 g
33 g
23 g
20 g
of which sugars
of which polyols
22 g
1,7 g
13 g
13 g
1,0 g
7,5 g
Fibre 3,4 g 2,0 g
Protein 32 g 19 g
Salt 0,06 g 0,04 g

Pack contains 1 portion.

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

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