Isotonic drinks, Energetic Gels

Isotonics - designed for athletes

Isotonics are drinks or powders soluble in water, in which the concentration of solid components, i.e. carbohydrates and mineral salts, is very similar to the concentration of body fluids, thanks to which they are absorbed quickly, and effectively rehydrate the body, while complementing the microelements lost during workouts.

Isotonics - for whom?

Isotonics are intended for people practising sports and working out both professionals and amateurs – or those who do it just for leisure. Isotonics can also be consumed in very-hot weather, when the body sweats intensely, and the risk of dehydration increases.

Isotonics - what do they contain?

Isotonics are primarily composed of

  • water - regulates the proper course of the metabolic processes in the body (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) and the removal of the by-products of metabolism (including toxins disrupting the proper functioning of the body), responsible for maintaining the correct body temperature, and necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system
  • carbohydrates - a very-important source of energy for all the tissues of the body; their deficiency causes weakness and rapid fatigue, they are responsible for the functioning of the brain and providing it with energy, they are fuel for the muscles and regulate the metabolisation of fats (in the case of an insufficient amount of carbohydrates, fats do not burn completely that is when ketones are formed, which are the cause of the system’s acidification)
  • magnesium - takes part in the metabolisation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, conditioning the supply of energy to cells and tissues; it is responsible for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, is an important building block of bones and teeth, slightly lowers the blood pressure, and is essential for the proper functioning of the muscles
  • potassium - takes part in the transporting of nutrients inside the cells, is an indispensable component for the functioning of the muscles and the nervous system thanks to this the brain is better oxygenated and the muscles are provided with all the substances necessary for proper functioning
  • chlorine - regulates the water-electrolyte metabolisation in the body, setting the water level in the cells at the right level, and facilitating the maintenance of the acid-base balance, and is essential for the absorption of B-group vitamins
  • sodium - regulates body-water management, is responsible for the level of cell and tissue hydration, affects the excitability of nerve and muscle cells, and protects the body from excessive fluid loss.

Moreover, isotonics very often contain an additive of B-group vitamins. They are responsible for the functioning of the nervous system, and are essential for the proper functioning of the metabolic processes. B-group vitamins participate in the process of the assimilation of carbohydrates and their conversion into energy, which supplies both the brain and the muscles.

Isotonics - the composition is important!

Using isotonics is the best way to hydrate your body when you lose an excessive amount of water and minerals during intensive physical activities. The state of dehydration can be deepened by drinking both clean water (as it is a so-called hypotonic drink) and juices or carbonated beverages (the latter are referred to as hypertonic drinks) the latter put a strain on the gastrointestinal tract and are more-slowly absorbed by the body. Isotonics contain a certain amount of carbohydrates (about 5-8 grams per 100 ml) and are also free from caffeine, light sweeteners (sorbitol, aspartame, acesulfame), glucose-fructose syrup, preservatives (e.g. sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate), stabilisers (e.g. gum arabic) and artificial colourings (caramel, tartrazine, quinoline yellow).

How do you take them?

Scientific research has shown that during the hottest weather, people can lose as much as 1 litre of sweat per hour. If a person is physically active during this time, this amount can increase up to 2-3 litres per hour. What is important, you lose not only water but also vitamins, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chlorine during workouts . If the body loses 1 litre of water, both the physical capacity and the functioning of the individual internal organs will be significantly reduced. Isotonics prevent this from happening. Drink them frequently, in small sips, and your body will absorb them faster and better. Physically active people should drink 200-250 ml of isotonics every 20-30 minutes during workouts, and then 500 ml about 30 minutes after that.

Are isotonics safe?

Before being put on the market, each isotonic must undergo rigorous tests and research to verify its safety for the human body. However, please read and follow the manufacturer's instructions on the package before consuming a particular product.

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