Amino acids

Amino acids for athletes and active persons  

Providing the body with a balanced supply of nutrients and minerals is of fundamental importance for the health and preservation of one’s physical condition. This is especially true for those who are active and work out regularly – their demand for nutrients and energy is increased and it can be quite difficult to provide their body with a sufficient supply based exclusively on consumed meals.

It is much easier, more efficient, and more comfortable, to take advantage of the wide range of supplements designed for sportsmen.

They contain optimised components, are available in a variety of forms, and are truly convenient to use. Among the preparations and supplements, amino acids are one of the most-popular and recommendable. Why should they be supplemented and how do they affect the athlete's body?

What are amino acids, and what is their role in the human body?

Chemical compounds, which are amino acids, are of colossal importance for the effectiveness of workouts and for the proper functioning of the human body. They are a specific building block of the human body, responsible for correct hormonal balance and support-cell regeneration and building muscle mass. There are amino acids which the human body synthesises itself, as well as those which need to be supplied from outside, in the form of a balanced diet or supplements and nutrients. The most-important effect of amino acids from the point of view of athletes is, first of all

  • the maximisation of energy, through the conversion of amino acids into sugars by the body in a situation of increased and intensive physical activity
  • the protection of muscles against breakdown resulting from catabolism – amino acids support the anabolic processes, otherwise known as building processes, effectively nourishing muscles
  • the support of regeneration after workout
  • the increase in strength and support for building valuable muscle mass.

Amino acids supplementation – what do you need to remember?

When considering using nutrients and supplements with amino acids, it is worth remembering that the most-important criterion when choosing them should be their quality. The wide selection of products in the category of amino acids makes it possible for everyone to choose preparations according to their individual preferences. Amino acids are available in a variety of forms - capsules and tablets, soluble powders, and ampoules in a ready-to-use liquid. The form of supplementation can therefore be optimised to make it as effective and comfortable as possible.

Supplements for athletes must respond to the increased demands of the active body for nutrients and energy – preparations with amino acids should also meet this criterion. In addition, high-quality supplements are those which

  • provide immediate and effective absorption, thanks to which the body gains instant access to essential building and energy-generating materials
  • contain a concentrated dose of amino acids, making it possible to supply the body with optimal portions of essential ingredients, without the need to take a large amount of tablets or supplemental fluids   
  • are available in packages, enough for a long period, so that everyone can stock up on amino acids, which will be used during many workout sessions,
  • have a pleasant or neutral taste and aroma – today's products with amino acids are available in a variety of flavours, so everyone can choose the product according to their individual preferences.

All these aspects should be taken into account when choosing the ideal amino-acid supplement for yourself.

Which amino acids are most important for athletes?

Supplements in the BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) group are often cited among the amino acids recommended for people who are active and work out intensively – they contain branched compounds which have a significant impact on one’s physical condition and building muscle mass, as well as on providing the body with energy. Leucine, valine and isoleucine, in varying proportions, should be sought in preparations labelled as BCAA. There are also supplements which are a mixture of essential EAA amino acids and the aforementioned branched-chain amino acids. They are often supplemented with vitamin components, which are equally important during workouts.

How do you safely supplement amino acids?

Supplementary preparations put up for sale are each time verified with strict quality criteria in mind. Therefore, when you buy in trusted and professional shops, you can be sure of a safe and secure composition and action. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the supplement, it is necessary to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the packaging.

In the correct doses, taken in accordance with the instructions, and optimised for the individual needs of the body, amino-acid preparations will ensure maximum effectiveness, and will allow you to achieve surprising workout results. Thanks to these, valuable muscle mass, real strength, and performance, are obtainable for every athlete and person who favours physical activity.

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