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R-Weiler Focus Drink Zero for 10 cents!

R-Weiler Focus Drink Zero for 10 cents!

Shop at olimpsport.com and get R-Weiler Focus Drink Zero for 0.10 PLN!

To take advantage of the promo, you must shop at olimpsport.com*, and then select the "R-weiler Focus Drink Zero" option in the shopping cart. You can add one can of drink at a promo price to each order.


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R-Weiler Focus Drink Zero is a sugar-free dietary supplement in the form of a drink. We created it not only for people who workout, but also for gamers, drivers, students and white-collar workers. The goal was simple: the product was supposed to stimulate, eliminate fatigue, add energy, and at the same time facilitate concentration. To achieve this goal, we have developed the right proportions of caffeine, green tea extract (Matcha), vitamin B6, magnesium and taurine.


Focus Drink Zero can be used by vegans, it does not contain salt, sugar and fat, and one serving of the product contains only 3 kcal.


The promotion is valid from January 21, 2022 to February 22, 2022.


* The minimum order value is 1 EUR.