Shaker Olimp Black Label Lite - 400 ml


Practical, ergonomic, easy to use

Convenient way to prepare your protein shake

Designed to prepare hot and cold drinks without fear of damage

Lowest price in 30 days before the discount: 4.40 €

Shaker Olimp Black Label Lite  with a capacity of 400 ml is extremely practical, ergonomic and easy to use. You can prepare most exquisite cocktails in it, and because of its small size, you can easily take it with you on a trip or a short gateway wherever luggage space matters!

No need to worry about your shaker taking up half of the suitcase. Despite compact size, its capacity allows to prepare every kind of supplement before or after your workout. Just try it!

Why is the Shaker Olimp Black Label Lite so unique?

  • Anti-Leak technology allows to prepare hot (up to 120˚C) and cool drinks without the fear of damaging it
  • concave revolutionary filter helps to eliminate all the lumps from your drink, and provides ideal texture
  • made of non-toxic plastic, can be stored in a freezer and used in a microwave, it’s dishwasher safe without fear of damage
  • 100% recycled which proves that it is non-toxic

Has been designed and tested in close cooperation with SmartShake™: Phil Heath (Mr Olympia 2011), Jay Cutler (4x Mr Olympia), Ronnie Coleman (8x Mr Olympia), Adela Garcia (6x Mrs Fitness Olimpiada) i Flex Lewis (IFBB PRO).

Trust professionals. Choose Shaker Olimp Black Label Lite form Olimp Sport Nutrition!


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