Tabata training. The key information. / TRANING

Tabata training. The key information.

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Tabata training. The key information.

Tabata is a kind of intensive interval training that will make you no longer find an excuse to not take responsibility for yourself and introduce regular physical activity to your daily schedule. Tabata training will help you train all muscle groups in less than 5 minutes. In addition, it will be perfect for reducing body fat.

What is tabata training?

Tabata training is an original training system of a Japanese scientist, Dr Izumi Tabata, who proposed a four-minute training method based on a combination of exercise intervals and short rest sessions. To put it simply, the trainee alternates between extremely intensive exercises followed by short rest sessions. The huge number of exercises that can be used in this training system does not allow for monotony, and what is more, it provides a complex impact on the body and fitness of the trainee.


A high level of intensity during the tabata training allows to engage anaerobic metabolism, which is conducive to the intensification of fat reduction. Burning the accumulated fat contributes to a higher efficiency of shaping the body and emphasizing the developed muscle mass. The system often accompanies the training plans of bodybuilders, who want to additionally take care of the correct shape of their own physique.

Benefits and application of tabata training

  • Complex whole-body training that covers every muscle group
  • All muscles are trained with a similar intensity
  • It has a real impact on increasing fat energy consumption by increasing anaerobic metabolism
  • It can be done in all circumstances - the ideal form of home training without equipment
  • A huge number of exercises to use, the level of difficulty of which can be easily adjusted to individual capabilities
  • Short training sessions save a lot of time

Should you take supplements while doing tabata training?

Nothing stands in the way of supplementing the daily diet of tabata training practitioners. Especially since the increased level of physical activity is associated with an additional demand of nutrients, which results from the losses incurred by the body during exercise. A good solution would be the Olimp Sport Nutrition products, which are manufactured in a pharmaceutical company thanks to an innovative production technology and using raw materials tested for purity. Thanks to this, they guarantee worldclass quality and a label-compliant formula.


The Vita-Min Multiple Sport dietary supplement, which is a complex combination of vitamins and
minerals, will be a good choice. The formula provides many valuable active ingredients, which are an essential part of everyday diet and regulate a number of important processes. For example,
magnesium affects the proper functioning of the muscles and helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue. Zinc participates in the correct metabolism of the macro nutrients and helps to maintain the correct testosterone concentration in the blood. Whereas B vitamins such as B6 and B12 have a positive effect on the function of the nervous system.


In addition to the vitamins and minerals, L-carnitine and creatine based supplements are also worth using. In the first case, L-Carnitine 3000 Extreme Shot fat burner is recommended. Each serving (1/2 ampule) contains as much as 1400 mg of L-Carnitine, which takes part in the transport of free fatty acids to the cells' energy centres, where they are burned and additional energy is released. Creatine, in turn, is a popular dietary supplement used by both amateur and professional athletes to increase physical performance during short, consecutive exercises. The beneficial effect of the use of creatine occurs when taking 3g a day. Such a portion is included in one of the top sales products of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand - Creatine Xplode!