The Amazing Robert Karaś in the Olimp Sport Nutrition team! / NEWS

The Amazing Robert Karaś in the Olimp Sport Nutrition team!

The Amazing Robert Karaś in the Olimp Sport Nutrition team!

We are delighted to announce - and officially confirm - that Robert Karaś has joined our team of sports professionals! A true Titan of Effort, a World Champion and World Record holder, and, above all, one of the greatest Triathlonists in history, is setting out on winning more titles. But this time in cooperation with and supported by products bearing the Olimp Sport Nutrition logo!

Robert Karaś's illustrious career is a string of real successes, resulting from gruelling work on his own outstanding fitness, many sacrifices, and awesome determination. Among the huge number of tournaments in which he has triumphed, the most noteworthy include winning the Ironman 2014 Polish Championship, breaking the world record in both the Double Ironman (2017) and the Triple Ironman (2018), and victory in the Triple Ironman 2018 World Championship. Even-more remarkable is that in 2019 Karaś set another world record for the Double Ironman and beat his own time by an incredible 1 hour and 4 seconds!


It is supremely evident that Robert Karaś's veins run with blood full of true love for his sport and overcoming ever-new barriers. We believe that Robert's rigorous preparations, together with the superlative Olimp Sport Nutrition supplements he regularly uses, will help him achieve further successes and clinch new titles!We all wish him bonne chance, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for him in the coming season!


More information on Robert Karaś's training régime, and the highly effective Olimp Sport Nutrition products he uses, can be found on Facebook and Instagram! We will keep you informed about the exploits of our athletes whom we support on their way to success.


There is nothing more important to us than your passion and success, especially when it comes to sports!