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The best supplements to use in the summer

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The best supplements to use in the summer

Every season is governed by its own rules. The autumn-winter period is a time to focus on strengthening the immune system, while the spring increases the chance of allergic reactions. What should be kept in mind during the summer? What supplements are best for use in the summer ?

The best supplements to use in the summer – take care of your skin!

Holiday weather is ideal for hours of sunbathing and staying by the water. A large number of people want to give their skin a beautiful tan which will help to emphasize the beauty and qualities of the body. Unfortunately, it often happens that you lose your common sense and expose your body to burns caused by excessive UV radiation. As a result, instead of a beautiful tan, there may appear unattractive discolourations and even skin damage.


One of the best supplements to use in the summer is the Beta-SOLAR® from Olimp Labs . It is a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, highly standardized green tea extract and other beneficial active ingredients which have been made in highly assimilable forms and optimally defined quantities. The product is recommended for people attending tanning salons or tanning for long periods of time and its ingredients may be helpful in protecting cells from dangerous oxidative stress, fighting free radicals and maintaining proper skin pigmentation.

The best supplements to use in the summer – do not forget about hydration!

The heat and hotness coming from the sky are certainly contributing to the loss of large amounts of water through increased sweating. Improper hydration can be extremely serious in consequences - the body is less efficient at work, the level of psychophysical fatigue increases (lower endurance, worse concentration), digestion difficulties appear. Too low a level of hydration may also cause a worsening of the appearance of the skin and even excessive overheating. It should not be forgotten that water is also one of the most important elements of the everyday diet and supports, among others, control of proper body weight and reduction of excessive appetite.


The Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company has created the unique Hydratonic® effervescent tablets which allow you to prepare a tasty drink to quench excessive thirst and enrich your daily diet with a complex of the most important electrolytes (i.e. magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium) for supporting the optimal work of the nervous system and the proper functioning of muscles. The composition of the product has been supplemented with glucose and vitamin C which provide additional support in the face of excessive fatigue. The Iso Plus in the form of a powder or effervescent tablets will be one of the best supplements for people exercising in the summer . Apart from the necessary electrolytes, the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand has used a pro-energy carbohydrate complex and the addition of beneficial B-group vitamins and vitamin E which allows for even greater support during training in the summer heat and high temperatures.