The BIG BORN IN THE GYM campaign is about to be launched

The BIG BORN IN THE GYM campaign is about to be launched

A team of Olimp Sport Nutrition ambassadors from Poland and other countriesis going to prove in the coming weeks how much regular trainings can change lives.

Each of them has a different story behind. Their goals, motivations and their beginnings with training were different. Working out in the gym gave each of thema lot more than just a perfect physique and the knowledge of how to work out technically correct. Now they are going to share it with others.

Behind the scenes

In the coming weeks, Polish athletes (including Mariusz Pudzianowski, Adrianna Kaczmarek, Mateusz Płachta, Szymon Łada, WiktoriaNnaka and Kasia Dziurska) as well as those from abroad (including Florian Poirson, Kerry Sexton and Marc Hector) are going to be closely studied by Olimp Sport Nutrition. Our followers will have the opportunity to get to know their idols better.


We want to show that our ambassadors are not one-dimensional. On one hand, there is the hard work they do every day. We are going to take advantage of their knowledge, skills and experience. We are also goingto accompany them during their preparations for competitions. On the other hand, we want to showtheir everyday lives. They, after all, also have other passions, family and responsibilities. Nevertheless, they prove thatworking out can positively affect their professional (sport) and personal development. We want them to inspire those who are constantly looking for motivation to start their trainings. Hard work pays off, but as Pudziansays –the results are not going to achieve themselves.

Kamil Gorlicki, head of the Marketing Sport Poland department.


This campaign is going to be run on Polish as well as foreign markets. The main export directions include, among others, Great Britain and France.