The future is Woman - the Dare to Be Better: Sisterhood campaign is in full swing! / NEWS

The future is Woman - the Dare to Be Better: Sisterhood campaign is in full swing!

The future is Woman - the Dare to Be Better: Sisterhood campaign is in full swing!

Who run the world?! Girls! Almost everyone knows these real and popular lyrics. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand believes in these words, and wants to spread this valuable message. History has shown that women have often been the inspiration behind many ideas, or the muses of artists and creators. It was similar in the case of the Dare to Be Better: Sisterhood campaign, which, inspired by women, was implemented with the participation of #OlimpGirls.

Dare to Be Better: Sisterhood – the real power of femininity!

No more distinction between the weak and strong genders! Enough perception of women as fragile and insecure! It is time to prove that feminine power can move the earth, and contribute to achieving the seemingly impossible. We are all sisters to each other, and each of us has the same desire to be treated on a par with men, and not to be unfavourably categorised - we want women to have the opportunity to more strongly mark their own presence in spheres which generally still seem inaccessible to them. It’s time to put an end to this, and start working on a completely new future - beginning here and now!

The Sisterhood photo session - the #OlimpGirls team in action!

The first stage in the Dare To Be Better: Sisterhood campaign was a specially organised photo session, intended to reflect the concept of Girl Power. For 3 days of shooting, a team of 8 Olimp Ambassadors, together with a 10-person crew on the set, created a series of amazing photographs showing different faces of women. During the 30 shooting hours, in 3 completely different locations, the ambassadors were fully involved in the project, giving 100% positive energy, and all to prove that the future is Woman!

See for yourself how the girls in the #OlimpGirls team communicate to the whole world that women have not only beauty and subtlety, but also incredible power - power they will not hesitate to use     to achieve their goal and defend their own values!

Dare To Be Better is an action from women to women

The #OlimpGirls’ mission is to create a global and active community which will empower all women to motivate themselves to work on their dream silhouette, and will provide help in a crisis moment! “Dare To Be Better” is a project which is endeavouring to challenge the harmful stereotypes of weak and helpless women - we aim to facilitate the achievement of your goals and help make your dreams come true!