The new Olimp Sport Nutrition clothing collection is now available to purchase! / NEWS

The new Olimp Sport Nutrition clothing collection is now available to purchase!

The new Olimp Sport Nutrition clothing collection is now available to purchase!

Enthusiasts of an active lifestylewant to make sure that every workout is not only effective, but also comfortable. Comfort during exercise is fundamental - none of us likes it when our clothes are soaked in sweat and causingus discomfort. Therefore, you can’t do better than opt for the training clothing of the Olimp Sport Nutritionbrand, which combines high quality with true professionalism and amazing functionality. Without losing itsunique and sporty appearance!

Feel like a real member of the élite Olimp Team!

The latest sports-clothes collection has been thoughtfully put together for anyone who wants to identify with the professionals of the sports scene and the athletes on the professional Olimp Team! This is a unique opportunity to achieve your set goals, overcome challenges, and achieve your own dreams in maximum comfort. See for yourself!

High quality and real functionality

All the products in the latest series of training clothes were prepared using high-quality cotton and modern technical materials. This combination allowed us to createfine sportswear, with an incredibly effective moisture-management system (which prevents any excessive accumulation of sweat during exhausting workouts), and with no risk of skin irritation - the fabrics used in the presented collection are extremely friendly to the body and do not cause unwanted allergic reactions. On the other hand, achieving a high level of flexibility means that Olimp Sport Nutrition clothes do not restrict your movements, and allow you to perform exercises in a full range of motion!

Products supporting the domestic economy

Olimp Sport Nutrition clothes can be truly labelled “Created and Made in Poland” - all the presented designs were created by Poles, and the clothing itself was made in Polish sewing rooms! As a brand with many years of tradition, and a representative of our country on the world stage of dietary supplements, we are eager to support Polish producers who guarantee and provide amazing quality!

Consistent colours and numerous configurations

An undoubted advantage of the presented series isthe standard colours (black, red, and white), which allow you to combine different outfit models, and at the same time let you keep the right appearance. The original designs and colours are a reference to the OlimpLive&Fight logo - a series created for aspiring amateurs and real professionals who strive to achieve their goalswith full focus and have the courage to meet every challenge to achieve them!


Check the products in the latest Olimp Sport Nutrition collection, complete your own training outfit, and represent the Olimp Team with dignity – as people in whose veins a truly sporting passion flows