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Try out the 5 best cardio exercises in the gym!

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Try out the 5 best cardio exercises in the gym!

For some people it is a real torture, for others it is an incredible pleasure and a desired moment to relieve excessive emotions. Cardio exercises have as many supporters as opponents, but they cannot be denied their effectiveness in the process of shaping the athletic body and fighting against the excessive accumulation of weight. Which of them are worth doing? Here are the top 5 suggestions that you can easily implement during your time in the gym!

5 best cardio exercises in the gym: running

Running is the undisputed king among all cardio exercises in the gym - one of the main physical activities and at the same time a separate sport discipline that can be performed in many different ways. While running on a treadmill, there are an incredibly large number of modifications that can make the run more attractive during the subsequent kilometres. You can decide for yourself how long the distance to cover, whether you plan to run on a flat terrain or whether you want to try your hand at uphill runs or set the pace of the run itself.

5 best cardio exercises in the gym: elliptical trainer

Training on an elliptical trainer is rather not seen as the best form of cardio exercise in the gym, which is an extremely damaging view. Physical effort of this type allows to engage the whole body (with a slightly greater emphasis on the upper part than the above mentioned running), and the construction and the way the device works allow to significantly relieve the joints. Therefore, the elliptical trainer is often recommended for people after injuries or with excessive body weight, who are additionally exposed to damage to the musculoskeletal system.

5 best cardio exercises in the gym: rowing machine

Ideal for people who are not convinced to do cardio exercises in the gym. Thanks to the rowing machine, you will not only be able to fight against excess fat, but also effectively develop the strength and endurance of your back muscles. Regular training on this device will prove valuable, e.g. as a form of adaptation to rowing with a barbell or even an introduction to regularly doing pull ups on a bar.

5 best cardio exercises in the gym: stair climbing/stepper

Often cardio exercises are performed in the gym by women who avoid strength training. It is not difficult to guess that one of the priorities of their silhouette work will be to develop a firm butt and slender legs. These, on the other hand, are achievable thanks to training on a stepper or devices allowing to "climb stairs". Regular performance of a few dozen minutes of this type of activity will surely help you get rid of the cellulite and facilitate the loss of the excessive fat.

5 best cardio exercises in the gym: stationary bike

It is an ideal solution for every lover of bicycle riding who, due to unfavorable weather conditions, has to stop training outdoors. However, cardio exercises in the form of a stationary bike ride in the gym may also prove valuable for the improvement of fitness or increase of strength and endurance of the leg muscles.