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What effect does magnesium have on immunity?

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What effect does magnesium have on immunity?

Diet and immunity are inextricably linked. Therefore, a healthy diet is essential in ensuring that the immune system works properly. What effect does magnesium have on immunity? What should it be combined with in order to intensify its effects?

The effect of magnesium on immunity - how does it deliver benefits?

The problem with proper functioning of immunity may be conditioned by the impact of many unfavourable factors. First of all, it is worth mentioning stress and excessive fatigue. Maintaining an adequate amount of magnesium in the diet has a beneficial effect on reducing the persistent feeling of fatigue and tiredness, and supports correct energy metabolism. Moreover, it supports optimal functioning of the nervous system.


Weakened immunity is also the result of excessive muscle strain due to intensive physical activity. People who exercise should take care of magnesium as a priority. This element contributes to maintaining the correct functioning of muscles. It also helps to maintain the appropriate electrolyte balance, which is essential for counteracting the negative effects of exhausting physical effort.

What are the symptoms of magnesium deficiency?

Magnesium is one of the most important elements in the daily diet. Therefore, its deficiency is the cause of a number of unfavourable consequences. These include:

  • painful and involuntary muscle spasms
  • persistent feeling of weakness and lack of energy
  • concentration problems
  • weakening of bone strength and increased bone fragility
  • memory difficulties and emotional disturbances, e.g. increased irritability

Does magnesium deficiency affect immunity? Too low a magnesium content in the daily diet increases the persistent state of nervous tension, emotional problems, and excessive stress. This in turn contributes to an increase in the amount of free oxygen radicals, which, as we know, have a negative effect on the body, e.g. leading to cell damage and accelerating the ageing process. Moreover, oxidative stress and free radicals increase the body's susceptibility to infections and a number of dangerous diseases.

Chela Min Sport Formula - magnesium with additions for immunity

Chela-Min Sport Formula capsules by Olimp Sport Nutrition are an ideal option for people who want to take care of the optimal level of magnesium in the daily diet and support immunity. The product is a composition of a high dose of magnesium with a number of other valuable additives (including zinc, potassium, selenium, calcium and iron). All minerals have been used in the form of highly-absorbable Albion chelates, which guarantees solid absorption of the provided components. The product is prepared in accordance with a pharmaceutical standard, in a modern research and development centre of Olimp Labs, using tested raw materials.