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What is it worth eating after running to get the results you want?

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What is it worth eating after running to get the results you want?

Should specific products be consumed after the run is over? The specificity of running training and the characteristic form of muscle work may require an appropriate dietary approach. What is it worthwhile to add to your diet after the run is over?

What to eat after running: carbohydrates

Short and long distance runs exhaust the energy reserves practically to the limit. The kilometres covered require the body to be supplied with the optimum amount of fuel to supply the muscles for intensive work. After the run, it is necessary to make up for the losses - for this purpose it is worthwhile to consume various forms of carbohydrates, which, due to the different absorption time, will support the resynthesis of exhausted energy reserves. What to eat after running? Dried and fresh fruit, naturally pressed juices, oatmeal and groats are excellent as a post-workout meal.


After the training, athletes can provide their bodies with a unique blend of carbohydrates, which are supplemented with a range of the most important vitamins and minerals. Carbonox has been additionally supplemented with L-arginine - a valuable protein amino acid. The Olimp Sport Nutrition product allows you to prepare a refreshing fruit drink, which was prepared from high quality microbiologically tested materials.

What to eat after running: complete protein

Dozens of kilometres covered per month can cause muscle mass loss. Especially when your daily diet does not provide the optimal amount of complete protein. Many runners rely on light meals, which can additionally improve the efficiency of the whole body - therefore they avoid excessive consumption of meat or dairy products. After a run, athletes are more and more eager to reach for simple and fast products, which will provide the muscles with essential proteins within a few moments.


Whey Protein Complex 100% protein supplement is an exceptional composition of whey proteins, which were used in two different forms (WPC concentrate and WPI isolate) with different absorption times. Thanks to this, the product guarantees optimal release time of the contained amino acids and nutritional values. The Olimp Sport Nutrition supplement is available in a number of amazing flavours, and its exceptional solubility and consistency make it suitable for use as a form of addition to certain meals.

What to eat after running: C and D vitamins

Physically active people are particularly at risk of reduced immunity. This may be paradoxical, but athletes, due to their exposure to high levels of fatigue, also expose the body to excessive stress and catabolism. This, in turn, favours the occurrence of oxidative stress, which, combined with free oxygen radicals, can cause premature ageing. Therefore, after running, it is worth eating products rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols, flavonoids or certain vitamins.


The Immuno Xplode Powder formula from Olimp Sport Nutrition supports immunity in a comprehensive way - it supplements the diet with C and D vitamins, provides optimal amounts of zinc, amino acids (L-Glutamine and L-Cystine) and plant extracts (Japanese Pagoda tree and black elderberry). The product is available in the form of a delicious drink with the taste of citrus lemonade, and its multi-ingredient formula provides a multi-faceted effect.