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What role does peanut butter play in a bodybuilder's diet?

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What role does peanut butter play in a bodybuilder's diet?

Enthusiasts of bodybuilding and other disciplines often mention the beneficial properties of nuts and the fact that nuts should be included in an athlete's diet . However, products known as peanut butters or creams are equally popular, which is very well proved by their frequent occurrence in recipes for various fit desserts. What are the arguments for their use? What benefits can they provide for people who are exercising?

Is peanut butter essential in a bodybuilder's diet?

The use of peanut butter by bodybuilders is determined by the current number of calories consumed. It does not matter whether the aim is to build mass or to reduce body fat. The daily energy balance in your diet will allow you to determine the daily portion of the product, which can be used as an extremely tasty addition to many recipes, e.g. morning oatmeal, pancakes, fruit cocktails, protein shakes or dietary desserts.


What is the effect of peanut butter in the diet of bodybuilders ? It is primarily an extremely tasty and handy source of high-quality unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid and omega fatty acids (3,6,9). Healthy fats are a valuable source of energy for the work of the nervous system, they lead to an acceleration of the metabolic rate and have a beneficial effect, among other things, on maintaining a good condition of the cardiovascular system and support the proper functioning of the immune system. Moreover, you should not forget about the extremely important dietary fibre, which has a beneficial effect on the condition and functioning of the intestines and which makes it easier to maintain than the feeling of satiety.


Peanut creams or butters are also a great source of many valuable vitamins and minerals. In the case of the former, particular attention should be paid to the B group vitamins which have a positive effect on the correct functioning of the nervous system, support the reduction of the feeling of fatigue or exhaustion and can contribute to maintaining an optimal level of energy metabolism. As far as minerals are concerned, large quantities of zinc and magnesium, which are responsible, among other things, for regulating the acid-base balance and electrolyte metabolism, should certainly be mentioned.


Nuts are, above all, an excellent source of complete plant protein, which is characterized by a rich content of amino acids. It is an ideal solution not only for people who want to maintain a varied diet, but above all it is an ideal option for vegans and vegetarians. The protein supports the growth and preservation of muscle mass and helps to keep the bones healthy.

What kind of peanut butter is worthy of consideration for a bodybuilder's diet ?

Among the huge amount of peanut butters available on the market it is worth to reach for Olimp Sport Nutrition products. Peanut creams such as Peanut Butter, Almond Butter or Cashew Butter will certainly find their application in the diet of a beginner and professional athlete who wants to enrich his or her daily diet with healthy fats and complete protein in a tasty way. Every type of peanut butter does not contain added sugar, salt or palm oil! They have been produced only from carefully selected nuts and with the help of an advanced production technology, which guarantees an extraordinary consistency and unique taste!