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What sports are worth doing in autumn?

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What sports are worth doing in autumn?

The end of summer heralds cooler temperatures and shorter days, which can affect your fitness, immunity and mood. This is the ideal time to introduce regular physical activity into your weekly schedule. Here are the sports to do in autumn.

Why do sports in autumn?

With the onset of autumn, many people reduce outdoor activities to a minimum. Spring and summer walks are often abandoned due to the rainy weather, drop in temperature and fear of catching infections. Spending free time at home under a blanket then gains a large group of followers. There is nothing wrong with that, however, in excess it can prove disastrous. Why?

  • idleness on the sofa and limited activity promote slowing down the rate of metabolism
  • shortening of the day and lack of exposure to sunlight cause increased secretion of melatonin, which may lead to increased craving and chances for snacking between meals
  • lack of exercise, slow metabolism, together with vitamin D deficiency due to sunlight restriction, can cause a weakening of natural immunity
  • a low level of physical and mental activity leads to poor mood and feelings of well-being

Be active! Here are the sports to do in the autumn

It might seem that any time of year is the right time to start being active. Some activities are perfect for spring, others only work in winter. Are there any sports worth doing in the autumn? Here are our suggestions!

  • Gym and fitness - ideal for people who shy away from outdoor training. Strength and endurance exercises are a great option in the context of body shaping, fighting excessive weight and fat tissue, as well as an ideal source of energy for everyday functioning.
  • Nordic walking - a very good option for people of all ages, especially seniors. "Walking with sticks" is an excellent alternative to ordinary walking, which guarantees many benefits for the cardiovascular system. In addition, it helps to reduce exaggerated strain on the joints of the lower limbs.
  • Swimming pool - autumn is a good time to start making regular visits to the swimming pool. Especially as swimming is one of the best activities to work on your fitness and the visual appearance of your figure.
  • Running - a great form of activity for people who want to get rid of excess weight and at the same time improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

Sports worth doing in the autumn - additional supplementation

It is always worth betting on immunity support. Therefore, in the case of autumn sports, it is a good idea to enrich the daily diet with a complex of valuable components. The Olimp Immuno Xplode Powder supplement is a well-thought-out combination of valuable components supporting the proper functioning of immunity and increasing the protection of cells against oxidative stress. The preparation by Olimp Sport Nutrition is available in the form of an easily soluble powder, which allows you to prepare a deliciously fruity drink.