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When to start taking supplements? Get rid of your doubts!

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When to start taking supplements? Get rid of your doubts!

During the journey of every sports enthusiast there is a moment of no further progress. The changes in the diet and training plan do not yield much results, that's why the athletes are eager to use various supplements. However, it is worth seeing when to start taking supplements and which products should be considered first.

When to start taking supplements? Diet and training are the foundation of the results

There is an important point to acknowledge right from the start - supplements are only a complement to the daily varied diet. Although they may have the necessary macro and micronutrients in their composition, this will not really matter if the diet is not properly structured. Effective weight loss or muscle mass building is only possible with the optimal level of supplied calories. Without an adequate energy base in the form of sufficient food intake, there can be no results. If you are wondering when to start taking supplements, you should first pay attention to what you eat and in what amounts.


A properly designed training plan is equally important. The right selection of the exercises and correctly determined intensity (e.g. number of repetitions and sets, duration of breaks, running pace) will translate into an effective accomplishment of the goals. It is important to adjust your training to your abilities. People in poor shape should not engage in exhausting physical activity. The intensity should be increased gradually as experience levels and exercise capacity develops.

When to start taking supplements? Choosing the right supplements

The purchase of supplements and other products for physically active people doesn't pose the slightest problem. However, it is extremely important to determine your own needs. Knowing the properties of the ingredients contained in supplements and their skillful application along with your diet and training can be beneficial for the effectiveness of your work.


The quality of products is another issue. When deciding whether to buy, it is better to bet on products prepared according to the pharmaceutical standard and in appropriate conditions. For several decades Olimp Sport Nutrition products have been manufactured using high quality tested raw materials, completely free of heavy metals. The advanced technology of the innovative laboratory facilities of the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company ensures that the necessary safety standards are maintained.


In order to conveniently supplement your diet, it is worth to reach for the Vita-Min Multiple Sport supplement. It is a complex formula of the most important micronutrients, which were selected in highly assimilable forms (minerals in the form of amino acid Albion® chelates) and additionally enriched with many beneficial plant extracts (e.g. green tea, artichoke, citrus bioflavonoids). The capsules ensure easy supplementation, allowing to cover the demand during the increased levels of physical activity.


In the case of protein supplements you can reach for such products as: Pure Whey Isolate 95 or Whey Protein Complex 100%. These are products in the form of an easily soluble powder, which, when dissolved in water or milk, make it possible to prepare an incredibly tasty shake with a high content of complete whey protein. Maintaining an optimal level of protein intake in the daily diet helps maintain and increase your muscle mass.