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When to use protein bars?

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When to use protein bars?

Is there room for something sweet in a healthy and balanced diet? Theoretically not, but manufacturers of dietary supplements and products for athletes have found a solution to this problematic issue. Protein bars are excellent wholesome snacks that will help provide valuable macro nutrients, including protein. Below is an answer to a question that may often concern you: when to use protein bars?

How to use protein bars when you are on a diet?

It cannot be denied that high-calorie sweets should not be included in a healthy and wholesome dietary plan. High energy value, large amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats and chemical additives prove to be completely unnecessary for your diet. However, it is difficult to overcome old habits, especially if we are a sweet taste lover. How can you maintain a healthy and balanced diet while not giving up the pleasure of sweets?


The best choice would be the protein bars, which you can use when you are on a diet. Thanks to the high content of complete protein and fibre, they will turn out to be sufficiently satiating, and will also help to reduce hunger that is difficult to control. Thanks to a precisely defined number of calories they can be easily included in your daily diet. Their small size and handy shape make them a convenient snack in even the most unexpected moments, e.g. at work or while travelling. However, it should be remembered that protein bars are an addition to the daily diet and cannot be treated as a substitute for a wholesome meal.

When to use the protein bars?

Protein is one of the three basic macro nutrients present in the daily diet of every person. By consuming the right amount of protein, muscle mass can be maintained at an optimal level or even increased. What's more, a systematic intake of protein allows to enrich the daily diet with amino acids and contributes to maintaining healthy bones.


So it is worth to determine exactly when to use protein bars. The protein bars will certainly prove to be a valuable supplement to the diet during a period of intensive training and an increased demand on the body. The additional number of calories can serve as an energy surplus, which is fundamental during the period of building muscle mass.


On the other hand, nothing stands in the way of using protein bars when you are on a weight loss program. Although effective weight loss is inextricably linked to an energy deficit (i.e. cutting down on the number of calories consumed), nothing prevents a high-protein bar from serving as an occasional cheat meal. Especially since products in this category should have a reduced sugar content.

What protein bars are worth choosing and when to eat them?

For many years the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand has been offering products that represent a pharmaceutical standard and a high quality. The best proof of this is the Olimp Protein Bar, which can serve as a great alternative to unhealthy sweets and high-calorie desserts. It contains 20 g of a protein complex, only 2 g of sugar and a portion of fibre. The product is covered with a delicious milk chocolate topping and the addition in the form of crisps offers a great variety for all flavours. When to use the Olimp Sport Nutrition protein bar?

  • Pre- or post-workout
  • Together with other meals as a form of supplementing them
  • Between meals as a snack
  • While away from home, for example at work, on a trip or at school or college