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5 ways to deal with a bloated belly – try them out in an emergency!

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5 ways to deal with a bloated belly – try them out in an emergency!

Increasing feeling of fullness, bulging in the stomach, excessive gas and problems with defecation - practically everyone has experienced this type of problems at least once in their life. There may be many causes of unpleasant bloating, but practically most of them are related to the daily diet. Discover 5 ways to deal with a bloated belly and get relief for your stomach.

Ways to deal with a bloated belly: natural herbs

It is a well-known fact that mother nature has provided us with many plants with exceptionally beneficial properties. Some of them contain a number of valuable active substances, which may prove to be an exceptionally effective remedy for abdominal bloating and digestive problems. First of all, it is worth mentioning plants such as chamomile, mint and dandelion, which show valuable influence on digestive difficulties and excessive intestinal gas production. Moreover, one should not forget about artichoke and cynarin contained in it, which has an effect on increasing production of digestive juices and stimulation of bile secretion, among others.


When you do not have herbs at hand, it is worth reaching for Herbitrawin by Olimp Labs. It is a diet supplement in a handy shot ampoule, the composition of which is based on high quality extracts from the above mentioned plants. Due to its handy size and easy application, you can take the product with you everywhere, which will help you avoid unpleasant inconveniences caused by e.g. too fatty and hard to digest food.

Ways to deal with a bloated belly: post-meal walk

Many times the problem of a bloated belly is caused by not enough physical activity during the day. And sometimes even a dozen or so minutes of walking may be a helpful remedy for bloating and constipation. A short walk will make it possible to regulate the intestinal passage, it will slightly "turn up" the metabolic rate and it will help to get rid of excessively accumulated intestinal gases.

Ways to deal with a bloated belly: ensure adequate hydration

Water is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to combat a bloated belly. A daily intake of 2 litres of fluids, especially plain mineral water, helps maintain an optimal metabolic rate. In addition, water supports the softening of consumed food, which supports digestive processes and hinders the chance of unpleasant symptoms such as difficult bowel movements.

Ways to deal with a bloated belly: nurture your microbiota

Disorders of the correct intestinal peristalsis and a bloated belly may be the consequence of a poor condition of the microbiota. For this purpose, you can use the dietary supplement by Olimp Sport Nutrition - Collonbiotic 7GG Sport Edition - or introduce products containing valuable lactic acid bacteria into your daily diet, such as kefir, buttermilk, curdled milk or some natural yoghurts.

Ways to deal with a bloated belly: eat fibre

If your daily diet is low in fibre, it is worth solving this problem by including porridge, wheat bran, raw vegetables and some fruits in your diet. These will provide valuable fibre, which can bring relief from a bloated belly. In addition, fibre helps regulate bowel function, bowel movement and reduces the feeling of hunger.