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At what time of day is training most effective?

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At what time of day is training most effective?

Apparently, any time is a good time to go to the gym and treat your body to a good workout. Many people wonder whether it is better to train in the morning or to plan their workout for later hours. At what time of day is training most effective?

Training in the morning or in the evening? At what time of day is it best to exercise?

It's difficult to give a definitive answer to the question "what time of day is most effective". It really all depends on your personal preferences. Lifestyle is undoubtedly important in choosing the time of day to perform an effective workout. People who are morning birds will have much more energy and a better predisposition to exercise in the morning and pre-morning hours. Others, on the other hand, may be more effective during evening or night workouts in a 24-hour gym. This type of solution is extremely common for people who work in shifts.


What does it look like in practice? It turns out that in both cases there are pros and cons. Some people point out that during morning workouts, the body is in much better psychomotor condition and shows more energy. This may be dictated by an insufficient overload of the nervous system, e.g. by work duties and the associated stress. Nevertheless, the body will need considerably more time and attention to prepare for intensive work, which requires a thorough warm-up.


It is completely different when training in the afternoon or evening. After several hours of exhausting work, exercisers may suffer from fatigue and impaired concentration. In addition, the high intensity of strength and endurance training leads to an overload of the nervous system, which can cause sleep difficulties. On the plus side, greater energy reserves are built up (most people turn up at the gym after at least 2 meals providing a solid portion of macronutrients), which allows for effective exercise.

The most effective workout - at what time of day to exercise?

The best solution is to do your workout at different times of the day. It doesn't really make sense to suggest other people's opinions. Practically every day our preferences may change. For example, an overslept night will mean that even the most ardent lovers of morning exercises will not be able to cope during a visit to the gym. So it's worth assessing your own fitness capabilities every day and adjusting them to your current schedule.


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