Extreme Speed Shot - 25 ml Ampoule

5.6£ per 100ml

EXTREME SPEED SHOT - food supplement in a liquid form with a composition of taurine, caffeine, guarana extract and vitamins – ampoule. Included vitamins (C, B6, B12) contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Ingredients: invert sugar sirup, water, taurine, guarana seed extract (Paullinia cupana Kunth), L-tyrosine, glucuronolactone, vitamins (L-ascorbic acid - vit. C, nicotinamide - niacin, pyridoxine hydrochloride - vit. B6, calcium D-pantothenate - pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin - vit. B12), caffeine anhydrous, colour - E 150d; acidity regulator - citric acid; flavourings, preservative - E 200.

Nutrition information 1 ampoule (25ml) 
Taurine 1000 mg
Guarana extract (50% Caffeine) 350 mg
Caffeine (from: guarana extract, caffeine anhydrous) 200 mg
L-tyrosine  100 mg
Glucurolactone 100 mg
Vit.C 80 mg (100%*)
Niacin (mg NE) 16 mg (100%*)
Pantothenic acid  2 mg (33%*) 
Vit. B6  1,4 mg (100%*) 
Vit. B12  2,5 µg (100%*) 

 *NRVs - nutrient reference values

The product is recommended for physically active adults.

Recommended use: drink 1 portion (25 ml = 1 ampoule) a day, before exercise or any physical or mental activity. Wash down with water right after consumption. Shake before use.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Not suitable for children and young people. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning: Olimp Extreme Speed Shot contains caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant women (caffeine content: 200 mg/ daily portion = 1 ampoule). Not recommended for breastfeeding women. Do not consume other products containing caffeine at the same time (e.g.: other food supplements, coffee). Do not exceed a daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine from all sources or a single dose of 200 mg of caffeine. Do not use before bedtime or during the immediately preceding hours before sleep. The product should not be taken by people with heart conditions, hypertension and hypersensitive to any of the constituents of the preparation.

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