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VITA-MIN MULTIPLE SPORT 40+ 2-component food supplement in capsules containing a blend of vitamins and plant extracts - VITA-PLEX SPORT 40+ and minerals - CHELA-MIN SPORT 40+.

The product helps people burdened with considerable effort satisfy their body's increased needs of micro-nutrients. VITA-PLEX SPORT 40+ is a complex which apart from vitamins also contains an extract from saw palmetto fruit (Serenoa repens (W.Bartram) Small) a and an extract from the root of Ashwagandha KSM-66® (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal). As an adaptogen, Ashwagandha supports energy metabolism and helps maintain vitality and well-being.

VITA-PLEX SPORT 40+ Ingredients: vitamins [vit. C (L-ascorbic acid, microencapsulated PureWay-C® complex), DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate - vit. E, nicotinamide - niacin, cyanocobalamin - vit. B12, pyridoxine hydrochloride - vit. B6, thiamin mononitrate - vit. B1, riboflavin - vit. B2, retinyl acetate - vit. A, calcium D-pantothenate - pantothenic acid, menaquinone-7 - vit. K, cholecalciferol - vit. D, pteroylmonoglutamic acid - folate, D-biotin - biotin], Saw palmetto fruit extract (Serenoa repens (W.Bartram) Small), Ashwagandha root extract KSM-66° (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal), bulking agent - microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; capsule - gelatine.

Vitamins 1 capsule *%NRV
Vitamin A (µg RE) 800 µg 125%
Vitamin D 10 µg 200%
Vitamin E (mg α-TE) 24 mg 200%
Vitamin K 75 µg 100%
Vitamin C (PureWay-C®) 290 mg 362%
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 19,4 mg 1763%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 19,6 mg 1400%
Niacin (mg NE) 31 mg 194%
Vitamin B6 18,8 mg 1343%
Folic acid 400 µg 200%
Vitamin B12 23 µg 920%
Biotin 100 µg 200%
Pantothenic acid 12 mg 200%
Saw palmetto fruit extract (Serenoa repens J.K. Small) 100 mg -
Ashwagandha extract KSM-66®
of which withanolides (5%)
50 mg
2,5 mg

*%NRV - nutrient reference values

CHELA-MIN SPORT 40+ Ingredients: magnesium bisglycinate** (magnesium amino acid chelate), magnesium oxide, calcium bisglycinate** (calcium amino acid chelate), potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, zinc bisglycinate** (zinc amino acid chelate), bulking _ - microcrystalline cellulose; anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids; manganese bisglycinate** (manganese amino acid chelate), sodium selenite, ferrous bisglycinate** (iron amino acid chelate), copper bisglycinate** (copper amino acid chelate), chromium (lll) chloride, potassium iodide, capsule (gelatine, colour: E 132). 

Mineral components 1 capsule *%NRV
Magnesium*** 190 mg 51%
Calcium 100 mg 12,5%
Potassium 75 mg 3,75%
Zinc** 15 mg 150%
Iron** 3 mg 21%
Manganese** 1,8 mg 90%
Copper** 0,5 mg 50%
Iodine 150 µg 100%
Chromium 150 µg 375%
Selenium 75 µg 136%

*NRVs – nutrient reference values.
** – high quality mineral in form of amino acid chelate Albion™.
*** – amino acid chelate Albion™ and other forms of mineral.


The preparation is for physically active adults, in particular for active professional athletes over 40 years of age. 

Recommended use: take 1 capsule of VITA-PLEX SPORT 40+ and 1 capsule of CHELA-MIN SPORT 40+ once daily after the main meal with plenty of water.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Avaried and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Keep out of reach of young children.

Warning: not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women or women planning pregnancy. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to any of the constituents of the preparation. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using the product. Do not use ee with other vitamin and mineral preparations. Do not consume alcohol or take any hypnotic, sedative or anxiety-relieving drugs at the same time you are using this product. Long term intake of 18 mg of vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness.

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