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Everything you need to know about extreme sports

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Everything you need to know about extreme sports

Professional sport is geared towards overcoming barriers and achieving better and better results. In some cases, however, physical activity is geared towards pushing boundaries seemingly impossible for most people. What should you know about extreme sports?

What are extreme sports?

There is no single, concrete definition of extreme sports. Most insurance companies describe this type of physical activity as a group of sports aimed at achieving maximum excitement. Most of them take place in difficult climatic and natural conditions (e.g. desert, bush, snow glaciers) and require participants to use special safety equipment. As far as the competitors are concerned, practically all of them are characterised by above-average psychophysical condition, high resistance to stress and appropriate preparation, which precedes years of training. Extreme sports tournaments and competitions take place all year round.

Extreme and high-risk sports - the differences

Many insurance companies consider sports in terms of danger and potential health risks in their T&Cs (General Insurance Conditions). On this basis, there are two main groups of sports:

  • high-risk sports - these are all sports that are characterised by a high probability of injury e.g. skiing, fencing, martial arts, ice hockey, ice skating, rock climbing, scuba diving and quad biking
  • extreme sports - disciplines requiring great skill, courage and action under extreme climatic and natural conditions and involving a high risk of death, e.g. mountaineering and Himalayanism, bungee jumping, ski jumping, motocross, mountain biking, ice climbing, skydiving or freerun

Who does extreme sport and why?

Most extreme physical activity athletes are focused on developing existing skills. Sports that allow you to stretch the limits of your abilities prove to be a valuable way to learn how to cope with difficult conditions, learn about yourself, set life goals and develop knowledge related to psychological and physical fitness.

Dietary supplements in extreme sports - what is worth choosing?

Although each sport is completely different, all extreme sports are characterised by high levels of stress, a real risk of musculoskeletal injuries and the need to be in good shape and have adequate protection against fatigue. To this end, it is worthwhile for athletes to enrich their daily diet with:

  • isotonic drinks
  • plant adaptogens
  • pre-workout supplements
  • vitamin and mineral complexes
  • joint and bone support supplements

Beginners and experienced extreme sports athletes should reach for the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand – from a manufacturer of dietary supplements for physically active people, which have been made  in accordance with pharmaceutical standards and the highest quality.