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Healthy alternatives to car commuting

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Healthy alternatives to car commuting

Do you want to avoid traffic jams? Are you trying to protect the environment and to reduce your emissions? Or maybe you just want to avoid sitting idly behind the wheel and get around on your way to work? Here are healthy alternatives to the car commute!

Alternatives for commuting to work: walking

There is no doubt that walking is the simplest form of healthy alternative to commuting by car. First of all, it can be treated as a preventive way of maintaining optimal condition and functioning of muscles both before and after a day of sitting at a desk. When you take a walk on a beautiful sunny day, you also have the opportunity to oxygenate your body and provide a solid portion of vitamin D. Regular walks also help maintain a good mood and relieve stress. Unfortunately, this option will work mainly for people who live in a close proximity to the company - a distance that is too long may turn out to be tiring in the perspective of the whole week. However, a 30-minute walk should not be too much trouble.

Alternatives for commuting to work: bicycle

It is certainly one of the most popular options for a healthy alternative to commuting by car. According to many people, commuting by bike is much longer than by car, but in practice it often allows to save a lot of time. By riding a bike, you are able to avoid traffic jams or use a fast diversions e.g. in case of an accident on the road or a closed route. Moreover, cycling is a great form of regular cardio training, which allows to maintain a good metabolic rate and to reduce the risk of weight gain. However, commuting by bike will not work in following situations:

  • bad weather, i.e. storms, rain and winter
  • lack of a place to leave the bike safely
  • the lack of showers in the company to help refresh yourself after the route

Alternatives for commuting to work: scooter

Although scooters today tend to be electric, lovers of healthy options can still benefit from its manual prototype. Riding a scooter is an equally effective alternative to commuting by car, which will help burn precious calories and provide an extra amount of exercise in your weekly schedule. When it comes down to it, it's also important to pay attention to the route - poor conditions and a lack of paths can prove to be quite a hindrance to a safe commute.

Alternatives for commuting to work: rollerblades and skateboards

It's another effective option for staying active during your commute. Rollerblades not only engage your muscles to work while riding. They are also a great way to develop balance and motor coordination. While rollerblading, the body activates deep muscles that allow you to maintain a correct posture and reduce the risk of falling. As with scooters, you should make sure in advance that the route to your workplace is in a suitable condition. In addition, it's a good idea to have the right skills and experience to ride so you don't hurt yourself. Rollerblades are certainly a healthy alternative to car travel.