Multifunctional BIG Duffel Bag Camo & Black


Attractive design

Functional and durable

Perfect for training or travel


Multifunctional Big Duffel Bag is a modern and practical sports bag with the Olimp Sport Nutrition logo. Perfect for every training or trip where you need to take the most necessary things.

The sports bag from the popular Olimp Born In The Gym product line has a capacity of 96 L. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a pad and handles, so you can also carry it in your hand. The bag is extremely durable. It has a reinforced, easy-to-clean bottom, resistant to all kinds of abrasion. It has two side pockets. In the deeper one, we can hide, for example, sports shoes or a shaker. In the second, however, documents, keys or a telephone. There are also additional compartments, which makes the Olimp sports bag extremely functional.

The Olimp sports bag is available in two colours (black and camo & black).


  • length 80 cm
  • width 40 cm
  • height 30 cm


  • 59% Polyester
  • 26% Nylon
  • 15% Polyurethane