Creatine in an athlete's supplementation

Supporting the fitness of an athlete is essential, as the bodies of physically active people are characterised by increased demands for various nutrients. Muscle building, faster muscle regeneration, resistance to physical fatigue, and maximising training performance are the goals of most athletes, and creatine is the answer to needs of this kind. Supplementing an organism under intense strain has many beneficial effects.

Why is it worth taking creatine, and which of its properties are the most important from the point of view of athletes?

What is creatine, and how does it affect the human body?

This chemical compound occurs in the human body in its natural form – it is formed in the liver, from where, through the circulatory system, it reaches the muscles, in which it participates as phosphocreatine in the production of energy. It is this feature which makes creatine suitable for supplementing the systems of active people. Creatine can therefore be considered as substitute energy, released when expending increased effort and with activity requiring increased energy supply. If it has reserves of creatine, the human body is able to react appropriately to a sudden increase in demand for energy – it corresponds to optimal performance and physical endurance. This is why athletes often use creatine-containing supplements – they want to intensify their workouts and provide themselves with proper energy resources, enabling them to perform increasingly difficult and demanding exercises.

Creatine has several fundamental effects, which are effective in increasing fitness, physical capacity and mass and muscle strength. A person taking creatine can have longer and more-intensive workouts because they do not get tired quickly and are more physically resistant. Their muscles regenerate faster, and their growth is impressive. Muscle tissue is built effectively, but it is proportional to the actual strength of the athlete. The muscles are nourished and the undesirable acidification of the muscles is eliminated by creatine.

Supplements with creatine usually contain its pure form, based on three creatine amino acids – arginine, glycine and methionine. They should be included in the composition of each preparation, and, if so, helps build muscle mass, and positively affects the fitness and endurance of the athlete.

The available forms of creatine – a selection optimised to your needs

Supplements formulated for athletes are available in various forms, so everyone has a chance to choose the form which best suits their individual needs. There are capsules and tablets, as well as sachets with powder from which you can prepare a drinking solution. All contain a specific dose of creatine, and are often enriched with additional vitamins and nutrients. Importantly, creatine supplements are available in a variety of flavours, making them a pleasure to consume.

Creatine in the form of a supplement is therefore a response to the needs of physically active people and those who regularly work out, and athletes who care about building essential muscle mass and ensuring themselves immunity, fitness and the proper nutrition of the muscles.

Potential side effects – is creatine supplementation safe?

There are many anxieties and concerns in the general consciousness about the safety of creatine intake, which create possible negative effects, which can occur in the human body due to supplementation. Excessive weight gain, kidney and liver damage, and stomach problems are the main results identified as potential side effects of creatine supplementation. It should be stressed, however, that every supplement approved for sale undergoes obligatory quality checks, and its influence on the human body is verified. Each preparation is also provided with clear information on the dosage and administration of the supplement –  the person who decides on the supplementation is obliged to read the leaflet and follow the instructions contained in it.

If taken according to the manufacturer's recommendations, creatine should not cause adverse effects in the human body. It is therefore a safe, fully legal, and attractive supplement which generates positive results for athletes. It is worth investing in creatine preparations if you are looking for a supplement which will

  •  help to create essential muscle mass
  •  increase the strength and endurance of the muscles, truly nourish them, and support their regeneration after exercise
  • maximise muscle pump
  • allow you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts without feeling tired
  • reduce the level of muscle acidification after workouts
  • has no adverse side effects if taken as recommended by the manufacturer
  • is convenient to take and characterised by quick absorption.
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