Properties of horsetail for the body - what should you know? / NUTRITION

Properties of horsetail for the body - what should you know?

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Properties of horsetail for the body - what should you know?

It is a well-known fact that plants provide extremely valuable support to the daily diet. People who love healthy eating should certainly pay attention to the properties of horsetail, which seem to be very valuable for the body. What is contained in this plant? Why should you give it your time and attention?

Properties of horsetail for the body: a rich source of numerous substances

One of the most important properties of horsetail for the body is that it contains many important active substances. Horsetail is primarily a natural source of valuable silica and a number of other components. Among them, it is certainly worth mentioning vitamin C, useful organic acids (e.g. malic, silicic and oxalic) and numerous minerals - phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese and potassium salts. Those struggling with dietary deficiency problems will appreciate the wealth of accumulated ingredients in this plant.

Properties of horsetail for the body: beauty support

The silicon contained in horsetail is an extremely beneficial substance. It is thanks to an optimum supply of silicon that there is a chance of maintaining the healthy condition and youthful appearance of the skin, hair and nails. Silicon deficiencies very often cause deterioration of the strength of these structures and their increased susceptibility to damage. What is more, the presence of vitamin C is also worth mentioning. The properties of ascorbic acid include its effect on the correct synthesis of collagen - a protein that is a fundamental component of connective tissue, which co-creates the skin and its formations. Furthermore, collagen helps to maintain the optimal condition of bones, mucous membranes and teeth.

Properties of horsetail for the body: combating water retention

The use of horsetail has been recommended for many years for people who want to counteract subcutaneous water accumulation in a natural and safe way. Therefore, horsetail extract can often be found in the composition of many diuretic supplements. The diuretic properties of the plant are also applied in another aspect - increased diuresis is one of the elements of cleansing the system from excessively accumulated metabolites and unnecessary products of the metabolism. Therefore, horsetail is a safe substance for the body in cases of kidney problems and urinary tract disorders.

Properties of horsetail for the body: cardiovascular support

Field horsetail is very often mentioned as a plant with beneficial properties for circulatory problems. The iron it contains assists the body in optimal oxygen transport and affects the proper production of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and haemoglobin. In turn, the aforementioned vitamin C and its participation in the synthesis of collagen will help take care of the proper condition of the walls of blood vessels. It is believed that the herb and the extract of horsetail can be used in cases of high blood pressure.