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About us

We are the longest operating producer of supplements in Poland and the largest supplement company in the world. We operate under Olimp Laboratories, which also includes Nutrifarm and Olimp Labs. We translate pharmaceutical standards into the sports supplements market.

What makes us special?
The highest quality of products

We comply with strict quality standards, thanks to which we are able to ensure customer satisfaction. Our quality control consists of three independent types of analytical tests (microbiological, physicochemical and organoleptic). In addition, we have one of the world’s most modern research and development centres, where we work daily to improve our products.


The highest standards

Our production lines meet the highest pharmaceutical requirements for the production of medications and medical products. We meet the standards of polish law and commonly used global standards in the pharmaceutical industry. The high quality is confirmed by the awards and certificates given to olimp labs by certifying institutions as well as scientific and consumer communities.


Research centre

The Olimp Labs research and development centre enables us to uphold the highest quality and safety standards in the production of pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. In the centre’s modern laboratories, we conduct innovative research and analyses, including clinical and stability tests of pilot products.


Scientific activity

An important element of Olimp Labs’ work is scientific activity focused on pharmacy, dietetics and physiology. Our qualified staff works with scientific research units, sports associations and athletes, improving the formulations of marketed products and providing advisory services to external entities both in the country and abroad.


Modern facilities

In order to implement innovative solutions and develop new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, we constantly improve our technological facilities. Our labs in the research and development centre are equipped with state-of-the-art research equipment and high quality technical instruments used in manufacturing, both on laboratory and semi-industrial scales.



We are responsible for the health and well-being of our customers; therefore we attach great importance to the quality of the raw materials used. Thanks to constantly conducted analyses and tests, we can provide proven effectiveness of the manufactured products.

Well-loved products

Our top products have also been recognised abroad!

Among others, Vita-Min Multiple Sport received the prestigious American ‘CPG Editor’s Choice Award’ in 2018.

Products that meet the highest standards

Quality proven with certificates

The certificates received confirm that Olimp Sport meets the quality standards and requirements of the dietary supplements and sports nutrients market.