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What can a dangerous intensive lifestyle be?

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What can a dangerous intensive lifestyle be?

Nowadays it is difficult to relax. The body is forced to work at full speed due to the enormous responsibilities and the unmanageable rush. Can a hectic lifestyle be dangerous?

An intensive lifestyle - how dangerous can it be for the body?

The role of regeneration for the body is invaluable. Adequate rest and relaxation is essential for complete recovery after an exhausting day. Unfortunately, an intensive lifestyle can be the main cause of disturbing its effectiveness and make it impossible to restore the body’s optimal conditions. There are many examples confirming that overworking the body is extremely dangerous in the long run and can be the cause of a number of abnormalities. It is not difficult to guess that functioning in full readiness causes a decrease in performance on many levels over time. There are many examples:

  • a constant feeling of fatigue and tiredness
  • poor sleep quality and difficulty falling asleep
  • persistence of excessive muscle tension
  • feeling more stressed, with a worsening of your mood and a marked decrease in your sense of well-being
  • uncontrollable feeling of hunger and desire for something sweet - a consequence of high energy losses
  • hormonal disturbances, e.g. decrease in testosterone levels, increase in cortisol secretion
  • malfunction of cognitive functions, e.g. poorer concentration, reduced attention span

Everyone has limits of their own endurance. That is why the lack of a proper balance between work and rest starts to make itself felt over time. As the saying goes, better is the enemy of good - perfectionism and high ambitions can sometimes be disastrous.

How can you cope with a dangerously intensive lifestyle?

There are many effective strategies to 'manage' a dangerously intensive lifestyle. Everything is dictated by the risk factors that lead to a possible deterioration of the current state of health. For example, people who exercise regularly should ensure that they are exercising at the optimum intensity and remember the importance of post-workout stretching. People who work long hours while being focused need to ensure that they 'give their head a rest' by going for a walk, for example.


Daily diet is also important. A body functioning at a high speed demands that the nutritional plan provides ingredients to maintain the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, to maintain the optimal energy metabolism and to reduce the feeling of fatigue and tiredness.


To this end, it is necessary to cover the daily demands for essential vitamins and minerals. Vita-Min Multiple Sport by Olimp Sport Nutrition - a complex of the most important vitamins and minerals which have been selected in optimal proportions and obtained from microbiologically tested raw materials - is a good solution. The product has been created with attention to every detail and in accordance with a pharmaceutical standard, and the formula has been enriched with valuable additives, including standardised plant extracts.