You asked & we listened! Due to overwhelming demand, the brand ambassador application process is now up and running. If you think you got what it takes to represent our company in your market and on social media, keep on reading!

Q: What is the mission/vision behind the influencer program?

The mission of Olimp brand ambassador program is to connect with people who are passionate about their health and committed to active lifestyle.

The purpose of the brand ambassador program is to get like-minded people together so that we can inspire one another, keep each other motivated, and grow our brand on the US market while each of us leads fit & happy lifestyle filled with personal and financial growth.

Q: How can I be involved in this?

This brand ambassador program is a US initiative. You can apply to be a brand ambassador in your hometown, as long as you reside in US. We will work closely with our ambassadors to create consistent branding and activities across the nation. We will advise you on how the program works. We will work out the structure and design the materials you need and as a brand ambassador, you can add your input to the creative process as well!

If you’re serious about being part of the Olimp Crew, we’d love to hear from you. But first, please read on!

Q: What does it mean to be part of the Olimp Crew?

A: As a brand ambassador, you must be passionate about fitness, our brand & products, and love the concept behind Olimp Labs and Olimp Born in the Gym. You will be inspiring more people to live healthier lifestyle and to pick better supplements (read Olimp).

The brand ambassador posts to their social media on behalf of Olimp, promotes our brand, promo codes as well as helps to promote and organize local events under the guidance of Olimp team members.

We will provide you with a discount code and you will have a chance to earn commission from all orders placed with your code. Being part of the team means that you will also receive free gear and supplements to help you represent our company better.

Q: What benefits do I get for being a brand ambassador?

A: You will play an important role in inspiring people in your circle and online to get/stay motivated and to pick the right supplements. You will have a direct contact with The Olimp Team and you will have a chance to participate in bigger events and product launches.

You will also play an important role in helping us understand our customers by providing feedback. Most important of all, you will receive free gear and products from us and will have a chance to see and receive new products before they become available for sale.

You will also have a chance to earn commission based on sales made with your discount code.

Q: Can my company or group apply to be an influencer?

A: This will be considered case by case.

Q: What are some qualities you look for in a brand ambassador?

A: Here are some of the qualities we look for:

  • You are absolutely passionate about healthy lifestyle:

You love to exercise and to eat healthy. You use supplements but you want to step up your supplement game. You are passionate about learning more about nutrition and you want to spread the word about your favorite supplements. You find that proper supplementation makes your life and workouts better and you'd love to inspire more people.

  • You are passionate about personal development, health, and wellness.

You love setting goals to challenge yourself and achieve them. You strive to live a healthy life and become a better person every year. Most importantly, you'd like to inspire people to do the same.

  • You are open and like to share your life with others.

You have this deep desire to connect with like-minded people. You want to share your story with others and help them stay on track and get motivated. You want to be the driving force that spreads positive energy and news about your favorite products and new products releases.

Q: What sort of resources will be provided for us?

A: Each of our brand ambassadors receives a large batch of files like brand assets, slides templates, sample marketing materials, the brand ambassador handbook with detailed guidelines, access to our internal message board for all brand ambassadors worldwide and support from our team.