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5 signs that your body is lacking vitamins

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5 signs that your body is lacking vitamins

A varied diet should cover the body's daily requirements of essential nutrients. However, there is always a risk that deficiencies may occur. How to recognise them? Find out the 5 signs that your body is lacking vitamins!

Loss of energy and faster feeling of tiredness

One of the most common signs that your body is lacking vitamins is a noticeable drop in overall energy levels. People with vitamin deficiencies become tired much more quickly during exertion, and in addition, some psychological functions (e.g. concentration, attention, speed of reaction) can malfunction. Often there may also be a reduction in the quality of mental performance. Such symptoms indicate that the body lacks B vitamins (e.g. niacin, B6, pantothenic acid) and vitamin C.

Deterioration of immunity

Weakened immunity is an equally frequent signal that the body lacks vitamins. In this case, common consequences are a weakening of the immunity and the protection of the cells against the adverse effects of oxidative stress, among others. Excessive amounts of free radicals affect the efficiency of the metabolism, which may result in increased susceptibility to pathogenic microorganisms. Consequently, people with vitamin deficiencies are much more likely to catch infections. Poor immunity is a sign of a diet low in vitamins A, C, D, E and K.

Poor condition of the skin, hair and nails

Poor nutrition is inextricably linked with a deterioration in the appearance of the skin (e.g. its firmness, optimum hydration level or elasticity), increased brittleness of the nails or an increased tendency to hair loss and split ends. Abnormalities of the mucous membranes are also frequently observed. Such symptoms are a clear indication that the body lacks biotin, niacin, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Neuromuscular abnormalities

Sometimes, impairment of the nervous and muscular systems is a consequence of a lack of certain vitamins. The most frequent effects include, for example, involuntary and painful cramps, irritability, a strong feeling of stress and even a decrease in strength in terms of psychophysical activity. Such a condition is a sign that the body needs vitamins D, C and most of the B vitamins.

Weakening of the bone condition

Lack of sufficient supply of vitamins C, D and K can be dangerous for the skeletal system. Signs that the body needs to be supplied with the above-mentioned substances include a decrease in blood calcium concentration, deterioration of the condition of teeth, and impaired collagen synthesis (a fundamental component of connective tissue and bone structures).


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